White Collar Crime Theories, Laws, and Process.

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Assignment 2--- White Collar Crime Theories, Law, and Processes
Lucas McPherson
Professor Dr. Matthew Miko
LEG 200 – White Collar Crime in Government, Business, and Labor
December 21, 2011.

1. Explain white collar crime in terms of various theories related to criminology and crime.
There are several basic theories in which white collar crime can be explained relating to criminology and crime. We must look at several concepts and behaviors and take certain metaphysical, ontological, and epistemological assumption about the ultimate nature of reality and being into consideration. Example, is reality subjective or objective? Is causation simply a human construct, or is it something that can be definitively and objectively established? The latter were two questions to approach some explanation of the theories of white collar crime and the criminological concept of the offenders in this sector.
There are the sociological, biogenetic, psychological, and sociogenic explanation to white collar criminology and crime. The most basic theory of criminality states that criminals are different in some fundamental way from non-criminals. Then the nature of the difference must be identified. On a Sociological level the propensity to commit crimes, is shown to vary among various segments of the population or among different organization.
The biogenetic explanation of criminality became especially influential in the nineteenth century. This states that criminals are inherently different from other people, even down to their appearance.

This explanation was promoted by: The Austrian anatomist Franz Joseph Gall’s phrenology and Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso’s concept of the “born criminal.” The significant of this notion is that it has persisted in the public imagination long after it was discredited by criminologists. Biogenetic…...