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Whitetail Deer Research Paper

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Whitetail deer typically are found more in the mountains, but they are gradually making their way through the plains. Whitetail are more aggressive than mule deer, the mule deer population is still at a high number but steadily going down because of the whitetail deer. The further west you go in America the whitetail deer population decreases. Whitetail deer vary in color from reddish brown to grayish brown. Whitetail buck can weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds and a female can weigh 75 to 200 pounds. They can stand up to 7 feet tall. In the winter months deer and antelope shed their antlers and grow a new set annually. They are more active in the mornings and late afternoon.

A white tailed deer is found near the bottom
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Tapeworms, lice, ticks, mites, etc also feed off the deer and other animals. Most of the parasites you find on deer do not harm it some are even vital to the deer living such as microorganisms that help deer digest food.
Lungworms are a nasty spaghetti like animal the are spread though deer feces and then they climb up plants and wait for the deer to eat the plant and then goes into the stomach and climbs into the lung and infects the deer's lungs.
Imagine skinning and cleaning your deer and as you are skinning all you see is grub like creatures crawl out of the nose those grub like creatures are called nasal bots. Many hunters that have experienced this have wanted to just ditch all the meat and not even attempt to salvage some of the good meat. It has been shown that deer that have this nasal bot still have good salvageable meat.

Arterial worms is where the blood flow in your jaw slows down exponentially and the deer is unable to chew or swallow there food so the food builds up under their tongue and the cheek causing a massive swelling inside the

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