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Whitey the Mobster
James Bulger was born on September 3, 1929, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. One of six children born to Catholic Irish parents, “Whitey” (so-named for his white-blond hair) grew up in a South Boston housing project. His father worked as a longshoreman. Bulger was a troublemaker and even lived out the childhood fantasy of running away with the circus when he was ten years old. “Whitey” Bulger was first arrested at age 14 for stealing, and his criminal record escalated from there. As a youth, he was arrested for larceny, forgery, assault and battery, and armed robbery and served five years in a juvenile reformatory. James had two brothers, Senator William "Billy" Bulger was a Korean War veteran and formerly an influential leader of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts. Senator Bulger rose to become President of the Massachusetts State Senate.his second brother Judge John "Jackie" Bulger, a retired Massachusetts court clerk magistrate who later was convicted of perjury. “Whitey” Bulger fathered one child that died at the age of 6 from Reye's syndrome after having a severe allergic reaction to an aspirin injection. Upon “Whitey’s” release from the reformatory, he joined the Air Force where he served time in military jail for assault before being arrested for going AWOL. James received an honorable discharge in 1952. James had a life of crime, being gang leader and being a fugitive.
James Bulger returning to Boston after being discharged from the Air Force, embarked on a life of crime. His offenses grew increasingly large in scales, in a series of bank robberies from Rhode Island to Indiana. In June 1956, he was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. he ended up serving nine years, including stints in Atlanta, Alcatraz, and Leavenworth. Afterwards he returned to Boston to resume his life of crime. Bulger became an enforcer for crime boss Donald Killeen. After Killeen was gunned down in 1972, Bulger was consolidated into the Winter Hill Gang, where he quickly rose through the ranks. Bulger, a ruthless and cunning mobster, sanctioned numerous killings including Spike O'Toole, Paulie McGonagle, Eddie Connors, Tommy King and Buddy Leonard.
Later, Howie Winter was sent to prison for fixing horse races, and Bulger assumed the gang's leadership. “Whitey” came to control a significant portion of Boston's drug dealing, bookmaking, and loan sharking operations. At the same time Bulger was an FBI informant, taking advantage of his brother William's stature in the State Senate. Also he used his childhood friendships that linked him to members of the police force. Bulger helped bring down Boston's Italian-American crime family while simultaneously building a more powerful and violent crime network of his own. Later, Bulger and three friends won the Massachusetts Lottery which had been bought at a store he owned for $14 million.
In addition, James Bulger became a fugitive in 1995. In the spring of 1994, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Boston Police Department launched an investigation into Bulger's gambling operations. In early 1995, Bulger and his associate, Stephen Flemmi, were indicted. Bulger, however, managed to slip through the authorities grasp. According to federal sources, Bulger's FBI handler, longtime friend Special Agent John Connelly, tipped Bulger off to the 1995 indictment, allowing Bulger to flee with Theresa Stanley, before he was arrested. Bulger returned a month later, when Stanley decided she wanted to return to her children, but fled again soon after with a mistress, Catherine Greig. Bulger and Greig have been fugitives ever since. James "Whitey" Bulger has been on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list since 1999.
He was one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives until he was captured in June 2011 in Santa Monica, California , with his longtime girlfriend, Catherine Greig Defense attorneys have already asked for an eight-month delay as they review more than 300,000 case documents. Bulger in 2011 pleaded not guilty to a 32-count federal racketeering indictment accusing him of participating in 19 murders, extortion, money laundering and weapons charges in crimes committed while allegedly running a South Boston-based criminal enterprise that began in the 1970s and continued after 1995.According to the FBI, he is their second most-wanted man, behind only Osama bin Laden. A $1 million reward has been issued for any information leading directly to his arrest. Bulger is now wanted for 19 murders, as well as for money laundering, extortion, and drug dealing. Bulger had a life of crime, being gang leader and being a fugitive. James Bulger was the most impressive bad ass of the 80’s and 90’s.

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