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Whitworth Unversity Case Study

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My direction has been to attend Whitworth Unversity and achieve my goal of being a type of engineer. I’ve always been the type of person to push myself at anything and have strived to take Advanced Placement classes. While working busy at school, I have been involved with a youth group called Gravity Youth at New Vintage church. I have been exposed to being a leader and helping plan the nights. Also I’ve been working at Dutch Bros for the past two years and have really stayed committed to them in every way possible. I’ve mowed lawns consistently for one of my neighbors for three years now. I am always the one asking if I can go the extra mile to help someone out more than myself. I am constantly full of energy and a heart to change my city with a passion and a sound mind. This time in my life at Whitworth University will help with my future of achieving what I want to be both my mind and heart. …show more content…
Dream center I was apart of through my church. A typical day was loading up food trucks, driving to highly dense populations of homelessness, and giving out multiple bags to individual who were in need of food that day. Developing relationships with these kind of people were an everyday experience and were initiated by us going into the community with a heart to change the city. These seven days of being a servant opened my eyes to think that it really was possible to make immediate change in a city. It was no small task but I believe that having a heart for community and putting your mind to the test by applying your talents helps make that change. I would help at local food shelters and every person experiencing homelessness I would stretch out a hand. I believe that those are normal people that are just experiencing life without a

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