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Who Am I and What Belongs to Me

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All Scripture is taken from the
Of THE HOLY BIBLE, unless otherwise noted.
Apostle Shon Sterling Simpson

Table of Contents
How I Met Christ...........................................................................................................3
Religion and Tradition.................................................................................................5
Authority in Prayer....................................................................................................10
Stinking Thinking.....................................................................................................15
Identity Crisis...........................................................................................................18
Spiritual Gifts..........................................................................................................21
Five-Fold Ministry Gifts........................................................................................24
Appendix A............................................................................................................27
Notes and Bibliography.....................................................................................30


During the eighteen years of my walk with God, it has bothered me that the majority of the Body of Christ does not know about starting the promises of God for their individual lives. I started this work in the prison system of the Ohio Bureau of Corrections. Yes, I spent some time in prison. I was tutoring some fellow inmates, when the...

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... • What is a testimony? Your story about your personal journey with God. It is powerful when it is real. • Why is telling my story important? It reveals where I’ve been and where I am going in my relationship with God. • How do I tell my story effectively? Prayer and by being real and having confidence and being unashamed. • What if they don’t listen to my testimony/story? Share anyway, out of obedience. • Telling your story is… Relevant, unique, and it opens __??__ Truths from Psalm 139: • According to Psalm 139, God has a ___true knowledge__ about me. • Verses 1-6 – God ___knows____ me. • Verses 7-12 – A part of belonging to God means God is _______always with me______. • Verses 13-16 – God ___made__ me. • God made me ______fearfully_______. • God made me to _____reflect_____ His Image Misconceptions: • Relationships – Who I am with, will determine who I am. Truth – Matthew 10:37-39 • Body Image – Who and what I portray will determine who I am. Truth – Peter 3-3-4 • Education – How much I know will determine who I am and who I become. Truth – 1 Cor. 2:9-13 • Future Plans/Profession – What I become/do will determine who I am. Truth – Phil. 3:1-10 • Possessions – How much I have will determine who I am. Truth – Matthew 6:24 • Religion – What I do and how much I do for a system of religious practice will determine who I am. Truth – Matthew 7:21-23 • Hobbies/Activities – What I choose to like will determine who I......

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