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Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

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Who Am I?

My name is xxxxxxxxx and I am a woman originally born in the city of xxxxxx, xxxxx. I came to the United States at age five and I recently became xxx years old on my birthday, this past xxxx x, xxxx. As a woman of Hispanic origin, I am very rich in Latin and Central American Indian culture. I grew up with my mom and aunts speaking a derivative of Pig Latin. I have a Spanish style of cooking and mostly all my plates are xxxxxx dishes. I may have grown up in the states all my life, but I’m almost 100% rooted in Spanish customs.
As a person, I identify myself as a child of God. Spiritually, I am always seeking knowledge and wisdom since I believe it comes from God. My faith is deeply rooted in my confession, that I am a spirit who will one day return to my maker. Holding such a belief has its advantages. For example, I generally do not abide by society’s norm of what I should be, or my role in life. I also believe that if I’m still here, there’s work to be done. I love to explore Biblical concepts and beliefs.
As a mother I am an attentive soul. I’m always looking out for my children and their personal interest. I like to give them their space, but yet hold them accountable. I tend to be conservative with my children and do not try to push them beyond their limits. To me, being who we are and doing what we do, just as we choose whether to build a relationship with God, is a very personal matter. While most people do not like my parenting style, I think it’s worked pretty well so far. My xxxx year old daughter, xxxx, is attending her first year of college at xxxxxxx. I’m very proud to say that she’s there because she wants to be. In all honesty however, I do have to admit that I use reverse psychology quite frequently because it works very well for me.
As a mate, I am a hard worker and supporter of peace and harmony. I think that relationships...

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