Who Dies from Heart Disease? “New Research Defines Those at Highest Risk”

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The article titled Who Dies from Heart Disease? “New Research Defines Those at Highest Risk” 2011, is written by Meredith Melnick. She is a journalist for TIME Healthland online magazine. Her writings have appeared in the New York Daily News, The Record, House & Garden and on Newsweek.com, was a Digital Media Fellow at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
The author sets out to show that newly uncovered risk factors in heart disease may help doctors and patients to recognize those who might be at higher risk of dying from heart incidents, and encourage them to pay close attention to maintaining their hearts healthy. The author’s evidence was supported from a report in the British Medical Journal's Health. The research was conducted by a team of physicians from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center One notable source from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a physician named Dr. Elsayed Z. Soliman. The doctor’s input was instrumental in holding my attention and further solidified the article’s authentication.
Dr. Elsayed Z. Soliman explained “Identifying specific predictors that separate the risk of sudden cardiac death from that of non-fatal or not immediately fatal heart attacks would be the first step to address this problem, which was the basis for our study” (Time Magazine healthland,2011) He included other useful information such as risk factors that include ethnicity, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and an ECG report. These risk factors could be signals for other unseen factors like lifestyle, access to health care, health insurance and chronic illness. Dr. Elsayed Z. Soliman presented sufficient information to understand the concepts of heart disease risk factors. The author’s position and argument was easily understood and it was a stimulating read. In addition, while there were some areas the author could have elaborated on it…...