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Who Does Cheating in Targets

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Sara is a five year old female with no major medical problems. She lives at home with her mother, father, and two sisters. Sara attends a school for children with developmental disabilities. Sara attends school five days per week from 830 to 230. Her class is made up of 6 other students, one special education teacher and 2 to 3 aides. Sara has trouble with transitions both at school and in her home. Sara loves to go to school, but has trouble with the transitions throughout her day. Her parents have seen this in the home as well. Sara’s parents report that she will throw scream, cry, bite, kick climb on furniture and swipe items onto the floor Sara also will throw self onto the floor. This behavior occurs daily. It has also been witnessed by the parents the Sara become angry when she is asked to move to the next activity or tasks. The episodes will last from anywhere from 2 minute up to one hour. The staff at school did a recording of the episodes. The durations of the behavior and what prompted this behavior to happen. Sara parents want this behavior to stop, so they will start a plan at home as well. They feel that the behaviors are in the way of Sara ability to learn. At this time no major issues in the family or otherwise, no medications or treatments. In the past Sara had ear tubes put in for fluid buildup.

II. Operational Definition of the Target Behavior
Biting, screaming, crying, biting, kicking, climbing on furniture, swiping items on the floor and throwing herself onto floor, are the major issues during her school day....

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