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Who Is Henry Sy?

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Henry Sy, Sr. (born December 25, 1924) is a Chinese Filipino businessman with interests in retailing, real estate, hospitality, banking, mining, education including healthcare services. He pioneered the establishment of SM Malls, anchored by Shoemart Department Store and Supermarket earning him the title; the Philippines' Retail King. He is the chairman of SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the holding corporation for all his business interests in his vast business empire. In 2011, Forbes Magazine listed him as the no. 1 billionaire in the Philippines.
* Early life
Henry Sy was born to a poor family in Xiamen, China on December 25,1924. He is the son of Henry H. Sy. He immigrated to the Philippines and got his start by selling rejected and overrun shoes from Tondo.[2]
He completed his secondary education in a school now known as Chiang Kai Shek College [3] and earned his Associate of Arts degree in Commercial Studies at Far Eastern University in 1950.[4] * Foray into business
In 1958, Sy established a small shoe store in Quiapo, Manila that marked the establishment of SM Prime Holdings.[5] In November 1972, the small shoe store became SM Quiapo, SM's first standalone department store.
On December 25, 1985, he established his first SM Supermall, SM City North EDSA.[6]
He is the Philippines' richest man, gaining $5 billion in 2010, amid the global financial crisis. The huge gain was due to his holding company, SM Investments Corporation, which has interests in Banco de Oro, inter alia. Forbes magazine's 2008 list of 40 wealthiest Filipinos, revealed the Sy family's net worth was $6.2 billion. Earlier, he was the second wealthiest individual in the Philippines, next to Bill Gates, and (as of 2010) 201st in the world.
Sy is considered a tai-pan. The Sy group is the operator of Banco de Oro and owner of Chinabank. In 2006, he bought the remaining 66% of Equitable PCI Bank, the Philippines third largest lender, in which he already had a 34% stake, and merged it with Banco de Oro in 2007. The merger created the Philippines' second largest financial institution with resources of close to $17 billion. Rumors say that the Sy family has a personal stake of $4 billion in these three banks, although there is no sufficient evidence to strongly substantiate that.
Sy[ sold his 11% stake in San Miguel Corporation, Southeast Asia's largest food and beverage conglomerate for $680 million.
Henry Sy, Sr., was named "Management Man of the Year"[when?] by the Makati Business Club in 1999 and was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Business Management by De La Salle University in January of that year. He organized the SM Foundation Inc., which helps underprivileged and promising young Filipinos. Several of his children hold senior management positions in his companies, although he has groomed daughter Teresita Sy-Coson and his grandchildren Hailey Sy-Coson, Darcie Sy, Patrick Carlo Sy, Cheska Sy, Sarita Sy, Samantha Ong-Sy and Josiah Sy as his successors. Sy's holding company, SM Investments Corporation, has consistently been cited as one of the Philippines best-managed companies. On May 20, 2006, the SM Mall of Asia, built in the reclamation area of Pasay City, was opened to the public. It is the sixth-largest mall in the world.

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