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Who Is The Family In Larry Watson's Montana 1948

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Murder, rape, and family division are part of what you'll find in this thrilling and stunning novel. The novel Montana 1948 written by Larry Watson is a story that allows its readers into the life of David Hayden during one of his most life changing events. This book, narrated by David himself in his 12 year old self perspective, opens up about the tragic moment him and his family went through, and the impact it had on his life forever. David's uncle named Frank Hayden, who is a doctor, is accused of raping women from the Indian reservation while they went on their doctor checkups and of murder as well, when he eventually kills the Indian lady named Marie Little Soldier, who accused him. She was also the babysitter of David. Wesley Hayden, David's father, is the County Sherriff and must carry out the law. Even if it means against his own brother. The whole Hayden family is extremely affected by the event and witness their lives change forever. Often times, family members can be greatly affected by other relatives' poor decisions. …show more content…
Young David was present and able to overhear what his grandfather told his dad. "Ever since the war", Grandfather began, "ever since Frank came home in a uniform and you stayed here, you've been jealous"(Watson,#119). Wesley's dad is angry at him and thinks that he is only doing that because he is jealous of Frank. His father, Julian, has sided with his brother Frank and wants Wesley to release him. It has made them choose between justice and family. And the quote shows that their father, Julian, prefers Frank and will do anything to have him released. He doesn't care about Wesley and will not support him in this case at

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