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Who Killed Car

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Film Assignment

Who Killed the Electric Car?

1. There was actually nothing I found in the film that I could disagree with. I thought all of the points were valid and full of the correct information. On the other had, I did find a lot that I did agree with. One point of which is the way that the big oil companies were portrayed. It really shows that they do hold a lot more power than we think. Its very easy for them to effect the decisions of people and even companies as a whole. Another point that I agree with is that not everyone has even heard of the electric car. Personally I had never seen or heard of any ever existing (besides Tesla) until I watched this video. It really opens your eyes to how fast they got the cars out of the market and how quickly they covered up all evidence of them ever existing.

2. I believe the car manufacturers collected and destroyed the cars because they were under a lot of pressure from big oil companies. They knew that the cars would jeopardize the future of the oil industry. These oil companies would lose a lot of profit if the electric cars started to become popular in the economy. If the manufacturers did not destroy every car, there is a good chance that someone would copy the idea and try to create their own version of the car. If someone else created the car, there would be a lot of competition surrounding it.

3. Everyone around the world needs oil. I don't think that only dividing among people that can pay the highest price, or reserving it for developing nations is a good idea. Instead I believe that it should be divided evenly among according to population. More populated countries such as Russia, America , China , and Japan should have access to more than smaller countries. This is only because it is the most fair way to do it. By doing so, war would be prevented because nobody...

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