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The Curriculum and approaches to Teaching and Learning

A discussion regarding the curriculum, sequencing and deep learning.

Most school curricula provide a good curricular menu for our students. Each faculty organises and delivers curricula which meet the legal requirements and prepare students for examinations at the appropriate age related stages.

Students in effective schools generally make good progress as can be seen examination results and their places in the league tables.

Each faculty has its own house in order and take care of their own curriculum and delivery. It is a well tested formula for success and the accountability, and quality assurance processes ensure each faculty is monitored well and supported.

So why change? What is the motivation? What is missing that can be brought in by making changes? The answer lies in what we are trying to achieve and whether things are working well or just ticking over.

Curriculum Theory

(The following extracts regarding curriculum theory can be found at:

The idea of a ‘curriculum’ is hardly new - but the way we understand and theorize it has altered over the years - and there remains considerable dispute as to its purpose, meaning and implementation. In Latin currere means "to run, to gallop" or "to hurry, to hasten, to speed" or"to move, to travel, to proceed".

A useful point for us to engage with the purpose and process of curriculum design, might be the definition offered by John Kerr and taken up by Vic Kelly in his well known work on the subject. Kerr defines curriculum as, 'All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside the school’. (quoted in Kelly 1983: 10; see also, Kelly 1999).

In the diagram below we can see four ways of looking at curriculum theory and practice:

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