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Why Are Imigrants Are Imortant.

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Eduardo Flores
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Why immigrants are important Did you know people from all over the world like to come to the biggest place of opportunity due to high income and a great history of success? President John F. Kennedy once called it “A nation of immigrants” (John F. Kennedy). In the search for greater freedom and economic opportunities. Their energy and optimism has fuel the country’s growth. The question is, why are they important? Many have created new businesses and provided labor for existing ones. Expand the minds of millions of people. Improved the country’s success. They change the way this world rotates on its axis. Created many jobs for people to work and improve the nation’s wealth. That’s reason why they are important. Because they are usually the ones to begin working hard to start a business, project etc. To impact millions of people in the whole world.
Education is usually the main important reason why people come here. To begin, some have taken on important roles in the country’s government. Even though she is U.S Citizen, born in Bronx New York. She is a great example for many people here in America. Sonia Sotomayor, coming from humble beginnings. She became the first Hispanic women in history to be part of the supreme justice court. “She was choose by President Barack Obama, in 2009” (Bio.). In many cases, they have also helped to bring together traditions from all over the world. When you go to a restaurant, food store or a business, you learn their culture. From Mexican tacos to Orange chicken from China. Languages, religions, and celebrations have all blended over time and created the unique American culture that we know today. Steve Ells, He known to be the owner of one of best Mexican/American restaurants in the whole wide world, Chipotle. He was inspire by local Mexican restaurant. Now, he has...

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