Why Are People Religious?

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Why are people religious?

It is very difficult to understand why people are religious, but for the most popular explanations, it can be for various reasons. It could be by fear, fear of the unknown of what Life is all about. People can also be religious by tradition, in times of desperation and need, searching for answers, comfort and assurance, for spiritual fulfillment or even because of a guilty conscious.

Despite the type of Religion, most people are religious because they believe in an afterlife and the only way to be on the good side of that afterlife is to be religious, to believe in a Supreme Being and trying to act according to His commandments.

I feel that the strongest motivator for being religious is salvation. Nobody wants to suffer eternally and if being religious can help avoid that, people are always willing to try it for the most part.

On the other hand, it is in human nature to question every situations and actions. We either question at our own level or at a high level, Supreme Being.

Like a child who never ceases to ask questions, we need detailed explanations, specific examples, and realistic actions to understand every situation that is presented to us.

Some people find it very difficult to follow religion because of the abstract side of it.

Religion has positively impacted our societies in the sense that people are able to live in communities with moral rules and values.

I can say that religion has had a very positive impact on me; today I have a better attitude towards rejections and refusals. It took me a lot of tears to accept Robert H. Schuller’s citation; “Failure doesn't mean you are a failure it just means you haven't succeeded yet”.

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