Why Banning the Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Mandatory Nationwide.

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It is dangerous both through anecdotal and hard scientific fact. The distraction of texting, twitting and answering a call is the main cause of accident on the road. Be responsible for someone’s life, put down the phone Introduction The weight of scientific evidence to date suggests that use of cellphone while driving does create a safety risk. Excess use of the cellphone can cause accidents because the driver might run through a stoplight and into oncoming vehicles, knock down pedestrians and or cause fatality towards their self. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), “distracted driving is becoming the new DUI; it is becoming an epidemic.” This epidemic is causing the life of millions per year worldwide. If we all take that stand to safety and switch off phones while driving the life saved might be your owe., The main cause of distraction while driving is the use of texting on the cellphones; even though the call or text is essential and the lost of a client or business venture maybe the outcome. The best suggestion would be for the person to get off the main road and find a parking lot or emergency lot, and then check the message, but that will not be followed, so the safes way is to ban cellphones use. In calling for a ban on all use of electronic devices while driving, the NTSB cited a series of fatal accidents in which were deemed distractions. In 2004, a bus driver using his hands-free cellphone struck the underside of an arched stone bridge on the George Washington parkway in Alexandria, injuring 11 high school students on board. In 2010, a tractor-trailer with 53-foot-long trailer collided with a 15-passenger van in Kentucky, killing 11 people. The NTSB determined that the truck driver, was distracted by his cellphone. This incident is one of the main reason why the recommendation to ban texting and cellphone use behind the wheels…...