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Why College Students Feel Stressed Out?

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What are the reasons that cause college students to feel stressed out? Gaining education is not simple and stressful for most of the college students. The German Institute of Public Opinion made an investigation on the nowadays students’ problem with stress. Approximately 1000 students were questioned and the results were shocking! The results of the research showed that 50% of the students most of the time feel nervousness and anxiety, while 25% of them are in deep desperation and other 25% have to rely on medicines and drugs to reduce stress. There are many reasons that can explain why college students feel stressed or depressed. For instance, high flow of new information, deficit of time, conflicts with teachers, big amount of assignments and quizzes, poor performance, difficulties with exam and list can go on. But in this essay I’m going to stress importance on some of the main factors of students’ stress. First major reason of stress is an endless assignments and quizzes. Definitely any student ought to manage his time and finish all the given tasks on time. But because there are so many assignments and quizzes to do from different courses, it’s difficult for the student to find some time for relaxation. Subsequently this causes the deficit of time. The lack of sleep is also usually spread among college students. From my personal experience I can say that even when I find some free time for relaxation I can’t stop thinking about a particular home work to do or a coming quiz. Second main reason which any college student experienced is exam stress. There are certain stages of exam stress which any student passes. First, fear before the exam. Your mind will be filled with thoughts about coming exam that you will not be able even fall asleep. And you’ll keep thinking about it until you come and sit in examination class. Second stage begins when you enter the examination class and start answering the questions in exam. During this period of time you feel like you can forget all the information which was stored in your brain during “sleepless night” before the exam. Finally, after you finish your exam you’ll not forget and leave it at the back, on the contrary now you’ll start thinking about your mark. This can cause anxiety and make you worry even more. There have been some incidents when college students did suicides after knowing their exam mark. In conclusion I want to say that college administration and teachers should pay more attention on increasing level of college students’ stress, because the stress which was experienced in the college might affect student’s life in the future.

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