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Why Collge Is Important to Me

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Why College is Important to Me

College is important to me for a couple of reasons. The reasons that going to college are important to me are so that I can prove to myself that I am capable of completing something as challenging as college and to show my children that no matter how long it takes, you can complete your goals and dreams. At the age of sixteen I dropped out of high school. I was not being challenged, the work was boring and the drama of high school was more than I wanted to be a part of. I had dreams of becoming a model and someday having a family. I began working immediately and was very happy. At the age of 18, I became pregnant and got married and soon had two children. I don’t believe that I am a typical college student, most students are looking to further their career or make more money; to find that new career. For me, it’s not about a new job or more money, but a sense of personal accomplishment and a desire to be an example to my kids.

College View advises “more than ever, attending college provides opportunities for graduates which are not as widespread to those who have not received a higher education.” I didn’t believe that a college education was important. I thought that having a job, being a mom and being a functioning part of the society was enough. Until now, it was. I now have four children and each of them are starting their futures with a college education.

I want to teach my children how important a college education is. According to an article in the NY Times, “The pay gap between college graduates and everyone else reached a record high last year, according to the new data, which is based on an analysis of Labor Department statistics by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington.” I have experienced this “pay gap” personally over my time in the work force. I have seen others…...

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