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Why Do I Love Lucy

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The real inspiration behind the show of I love Lucy was the real deal. All shows on tv were going away, so people were drawing away from television. Who came up with this idea and why? When it went public, and the star of the show. The character that saved television was created by a female director, which was so important because she open doors for females.
You would never associate Madelyn Pugh Davis with the outlandish behavior and outrageous situations personified by Lucille Ball in her madcap heyday.Yet the quietly elegant, she was a sole female writer for I love lucy, who died in April at 90. Her and her partner Bob Carroll jr It took the lots of effort and hard work to create this , in concert with their mentor, the producer and head
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Because of her gender and then-made necessary secretarial training, the typing of the scripts fell to her too, and so did trying out the plots’ more demanding physical stunts, including dipping chocolates at the Farmers and carrying three dozen eggs in her blouse, Market in los angeles . To determine if they would sit right with a woman or, worse, be too dangerous for the star. ( Source The Women Behind lucy's laugh) The Broadcast on the CBS television network in its early years, from October 1951 to April 1957, I Love Lucy was so popular that it had more total share of viewers than any other show on television. By April 7, 1952, some 10.6 million households around 30-to-40 million viewers were tuning in to I Love Lucy each week. It was the first time in history that a television show had reached that many people. Later in 1960 and 1970 Two more Lucy shows began. The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy also on CBS and also ranked among the Top Ten shows during …show more content…
America was in the middle of the women's rights movement; The Feminine Mystique, released in 1963, urged women to envision work outside the home, touching a nerve for housewives. The Pill became available to all women, regardless of marital status, in 1972. And more and more women were earning degrees and setting off to find jobs. ( The atlantic) “ Ah! I feel so good” by Yehuda ( youtube)
“ Lucy was the show. Viv, fred and I were just props damn good props, but props nevertheless. Ps. I love lucy was never just the title. Those were the last words of Desi Arnaz after lucille's death. Mary Tyler Moore Show was similar to I love lucy. She also changed the way women were looked at and how they should be treated. The director message in both popular shows were based on the same thing. Changing feminism in the united

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