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Why Do You Want To Be Police Officer

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There is no use denying the fact that the modern society could be taken as the complex of various institutions the efficient functioning of which guarantees its further development and prosperity. Moreover, these very institutions also provide people care and protection, making their lives easier and more comfortable. With this in mind, it is possible to say that the humanistic image of modern society promotes the growth of the interest and the level of attention devoted to these very aspects of society. Under these conditions, policy is also obtains new features and tools that change its traditional way of functioning. These changes are aimed at the improvement of the efficiency and performance of policy. However, along with this changes the level of demands towards the candidates also grows as they have to be able to work under complicated conditions and in terms of all modern trends. …show more content…
First of all, one realizes the fact that a would-be police officer should satisfy the requirements that exist. It is obvious that some special training which is provided in a police academy is needed. However, not everyone could become a police officer. A person should be in an excellent shape as this sort of job implies various kinds of physical activity. Secondly, a candidate should also be able to act in come complicated and stressful situations. That is why various psychological tests that determine the ability of a person to cope with the great level of stress are provided and help to determine whether a person is ready or not. A candidate should also have good driving skills as car chases are the integral part of the work. Besides, there are not all demands which exist, however, very often theses aspects have a great impact on

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