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Why Does Student Fail

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With a competitive job market like these days, employers ask for not only real experiences but also a certain degree in university when you apply for a job. The higher your degree is, the more decent the salary is going to be. Knowing this fact, however, some students still fail to finish their degree before graduating. There are many reasons, subjective and objective ones, why people cannot follow the higher education path till the end. The following three are the most popular causes among the uni-droppers.

The first and main cause is financial burden. University fee is a nightmare for most students who just receive little or no support from their parents because it normally accounts for over one third of their income. Besides, they have to cover not only tuition fees but also textbooks which are not cheap for tertiary education. This is not to mention about the students who go to university in another region. They will have to pay for other expenses such as house rent, bills, commuting, medicare, etc. So, there is no choice but to work part-time to pay for the university. By working and studying at the same time like this, it’s easy to fall behind and quit if they are not a good time-manager.

In contrast, some students who are well- supported financially want to try how different life is outside the school gate. They suddenly realize that they have made a wrong decision to waste time on daily commute to school, handing in weekly papers and spending sleepless nights preparing for annual exams. Therefore, they want to try exploring themselves in the real world. Talking about this, Bill Gates is a typical example. On looking at his enormous fortune, you must feel shocked to realize that this talented entrepreneur of Microsoft never finishes college. It’s the brilliant idea that leads him from one success...

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