Why Eminem Is Important

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Critical Argument Analysis Essay
“Why Eminem Is Important”
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Think about what would happen if there was no Eminem? One less rapper is more than likely what you are thinking right? Well it is not just one less rapper. It would also be one less role model for those who really care about him. Eminem is an influence to the young life and even the adults. His songs are stories based on his life and things that he would have wanted to change or make different. Most of them are based on subjects that actually happened to him first hand. Some of the children growing up in this time and some adults face some of the same problems he faced. Therefore, Eminem is an influence who expresses his self in his own different style or character.
His music is an influence because of its rhythmical story behind it. Take the song “Mockingbird” for example; it is a song of how Eminem’s daughter Hailie was growing up with her mom always on the news and her dad (Eminem) was always on the move. If you think about it, not everyone gets to see their parents’ everyday of the week. Some of the children’s parents may work different shifts at their job which makes it unable for the children to see them a lot or as much as they want and this was being expressed during the song “Mockingbird”. Hailie barely got the chance to see her dad or her mom and stayed with her “Crazy Uncle Laney”.
It is true that some of his music can be somewhat violent and explicit but this is what happened to him and he is willing to tell his story. What makes people listen is that he is being so open about it and they can relate to certain materials he went through. His song “Not Afraid” is also a good song to relate things to. This song is about how Eminem is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and what he thinks is right. It is an influence on…...