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Why English Matters


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Annika Czizik
English 11 Honors 4B
Why English Matters Response
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Understanding English is one of the most useful skills one can obtain. There are immense benefits of having impressive knowledge pertaining to such a wide ranged subject. Abilities such as critical thinking and close reading are important for handling everyday tasks and problems effectively. Communication through writing and speech can be enhanced through vocabulary and grammar as well as appreciation for the language. Being proficient in English increases the amount of opportunities one can have throughout a lifetime. English class plays a crucial role in ones education and contributes essential skills used frequently in the real world. Throughout history, language has been proven to be powerful enough to both bring nations together, but also completely destroy them. It is fascinating to see world altering events such as the Holocaust and creation of the Declaration of Independence, along with countless more turning points be influenced by language. Proper diction and rhetoric allows one to clearly express ideas and thoughts, but also be purposely misinterpreted in order to control and take advantage of the subject. On a smaller scale, language is necessary to solve problems and think critically. Analyzing situations and concepts prevents one from getting taken advantage of or wronged by someone with corrupt intentions. It was surprising to discover that vicious advertisements rely on and target illiterate consumers to be convinced by deceitful language in order to sell products. To prevent one from becoming a victim to crooked businesses, one can counteract misleading sales pitches by close reading to fully understand the underlying message. On the other hand, to accurately communicate a perception, one should use details and grammar so that the message is effective in its

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