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Why Family Is Important

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At the end of the day, all we have is ourselves and family. With that being said, family is special and important. A strong foundation from family makes a person who they are. Family maintains an incredible support system. Siblings can play a major role in our lives as well. Without family we wouldn’t have an as strong foundation with ourselves, an incredible support system, or siblings in general. What creates a strong family foundation? Our parents teach us character and how we can be the best to our ability. They teach us certain value to what is right and to what is wrong. They also teach us the importance of love. How we love is something we learn, and how we experience love is shaped by our past experiences and by those we care about. Our first experience with love is the love shared between parents and children. What is a strong family foundation without trust? Trust requires unconditional love as well as honesty, reliability, and a concern for the needs of others. As well as a strong foundation, a support system is there for us as well. A loving and supportive family will always be there for you. Sometimes people believe that friends are more important than family members. In reality, friends may leave your side when situations get rough, or if you do something wrong and hurt them. Many families, however, will stick by a person no matter what they’ve done. With that being said, unconditional loves factors in. A parent can love their child no matter what they’ve done. This kind of unconditional love can only be found within a family unit. Many people rely on their parents or other older relatives for advice about a variety of topics, even when they have grown up and have their own children. These family members may have more life experiences and have probably been through the same situation before. Sometimes the best support can come from our siblings....

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