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Why I Am Where I Am

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Throughout my years of schooling I have always had the worst exsperience. I was teased all my years of elementry, middle school I was ignored, high school I was the "GEEK" who wore her mothers and sisters clothing. It seems like I have never had a break. I was never able to concentrate on school because I was just always worried about what everyone was saying about me. I was in and out of school, skipping class, hiding in bathrooms just to ignore the akward step of walking into a classroom. I never had anyone to talk to about these things, so I just kept everything inside of me. My mother "then", was not focused on us. She didnt wake us up in the mornings, she didnt get us ready for school, she wouldnt take us to school if we missed the bus. My second oldest sister did all of those things. If we missed the bus I remember having to run across the highway, and this is elementry and middle school days, to catch the bus before it went around the turn around. I never had someone forcing me to go to school or help me through my troubled years. I had to learn to coop on my own and get through things on my own. By the time I got into highschool i just didnt care anymore, I started hanging out with the wrong people doing things that I shouldnt have been doing having to switch schools countless times all eventually led me to just dropping out of high school. By this time, I was 18 and I was forced to live with my boyfriend and his family because of my mother kicking me out right when I turned 18. Previouslly before moving in with my BF, we had been together for about 3years and the abuse started after a year and a half of us being together. The things he would do and would say just put me into an all time low in my life. I had no self worth, I was depressed. Over weight, sad, scared, and was going no where in life. It honestly felt like I stayed in one room to hid from the...

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