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Why I Believe

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Why I Believe in God

...about religion, most people begin to get upset or walk away from you. Many people do not want to understand or know how someone can start believing in a God that you cannot see, feel, or touch. Everyone is entitled to believe in whoever he or she wants to believe in, just because that person cannot see, does not give the other person the right to say that no one else should. There are so many who find it joyous to get to know God. The ethics in Christianity are all in the Word of God. For many of us, we do not need to put someone else down because of the way they choose to believe. God freely gives us a choice as to whether or not we believe in Him or anything else. The people in the church are not called to deliver hate filled messages to anyone, but to encourage and help them understand that there is better way to truly living their lives. Many Christians want to preach the Gospel in a way that makes God seems as if He hates us, when in fact, it is the total opposite. There are many people who walk on this earth, and they are hurting because of experiences within the church, something happened to him or her as a child, been in bad relationships, etc. Most people highly doubt that God cannot help him or her. The true Christians, those of them that truly believe in a sovereign God, will say that it is not easy living according to the Bible. Many people debate that God is not real; however, many studies have been conducted to refute these claims. The history of Christianity......

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English 101 Streecar Named Desire

...the play Blanche compare’s Stanley’s behavior as animalistic. In many different situations throughout the play Stanley prove’s Blanche’s Ideal of how he acts as an animal. I believe that this is true based on how blanche describes him in these situations. The first instance where Stanley show’s how he act’s like an animal, is in the opening scene of Blanche Stella and Stanley all being together. In this scene he throw’s a piece of meat at stella as if he is an ape. Stella seem’s to show no regard to Stanley’s behavior. Blanche on the other hand is completely shocked and cant imagine anyone treating her sister that way, especially her husband. Blanche waits until she is able to get Stella alone and confront’s her about the situation. She says “ He act’s like an animal, has an animal’s habits....yes, something ape like about him, like one of those pictures I’ve seen in anthropological studies!” (74). This kind of behavior is foreign too Blanche and she cant understand how or why anyone would want to be with someone who acts in this manner. I completely agree with Blanche’s thought’s toward’s Stanley because there is no reason why any husband should treat their spouse this way. Even though it might have been more common in New Orleans at this time for men to be above women in a sense, I see no reason as to why a husband would throw meat as his wife and expect her to take it without question. The next scene in which Stanley is showed as a reference to an animal is on......

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...September 2012 Looking up I remember seeing my brilliant sister’s face, Rania, playing with me and resembling something so caring. There was never a time she wasn’t strutting with confidence. Growing up my sister always put others before herself including me. As the middle child she never refused when it came to doing something for my oldest sister and I. When it was time for Rania to graduate, and go off to college, she did not burden my parents by asking for tuition. Instead, she worked at William’s, a pipeline company, until she was able to be completely financially stable. Although, my sister had to work very hard, she never complained. I cannot recall a single moment when she was pessimistic around me even if she had a rough day. Because of her perseverance, she has caused me to have an entire new take on life. Knowing her struggles, I was able to use her life as an example to set me on the right path. She impacted me day by day without me even knowing it. As I look back at all I have accomplished in life, I realize if it wasn’t for her I would not be the man I am today. When I face adversities I refer back to my sister, and how she persevered through things much more difficult than anything I would be facing at the time. Through Cross country, Track, Football, and Basketball my sister was the thing that kept me going. Without her I would not have a strong mentality, and would not be able to see the “light” at the end of the tunnel. I now know that I should have no......

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Spiritual Gifts

... Why or why not? My top two Spiritual Gifts are: (1) Evangelism; and (2) Pastor/ Shepherd tied with Showing Mercy. I completely agree with the results . I agree because I am a very compassionate woman. I love people and also willing to help those in need. I am able to sympathize and empathize with people who may have problems that others might feel uncomfortable with. I am also a very good listener. I love to share the Gospel with others and bring the lost to know Jesus Christ. I am truly blessed to have these gifts that God has given me. PART TWO: Specifically, how can you use your gifts at this time? How might you misuse your gifts? Be specific. There are many ways I can use my gifts today. In my Church there are people who often come to me to “unload” what’s going on in their Lives. I am always there to listen and give them the best advice I can. I show mercy by going with a group from the church to visit the ones who are shut-ins and letting them know that we care for them and that they are not alone. Outside the church I volunteer for Domestic and Sexually abused women’s shelter. I do a weekly Bible study and I teach some of them how to cook. I soon will be taking the required training to be a Christian Counselor. I also post Scripture, Devotionals, and prayers on my face book page. There are many ways I can misuse my gifts as well. With being capable of earning trust quickly, and empathizing with people, I......

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Why I Believe (on Spirituality and Mathematics)

...Why I Believe The beliefs I hold can be derived from a set of unprovable, yet self-evident axioms. Among these are that logic and mathematics are at the core of truth, that the scientific method is effective in discerning the truth, and that observable phenomenon is a reflection of reality. These I take on faith so long as they yield results which are self-consistent. I also allow myself beliefs which are not provable even from these axioms, but for which there exists no contradictory evidence. However, there is no conviction I hold so strongly that I consider it infallible. All beliefs should be challenged, and I am constantly revising my beliefs to cater to logic and nature. Still, I can and must have some beliefs for which there is no proof, but none for which there exists evidence that contradicts them. Above all, we must believe logic and mathematics are the keys to truth. All provably true results are a result of logic, and all results are consistent with one another. This must be taken on faith, for it serves as our only way of objectively approaching truth. Some people have suggested the possibility that we may someday find that logic and mathematics do not govern truth and that indeed there is some more accurate approach we ought to be taking. This, of course, would be a very difficult point to argue to someone who believes logic is key to reality. That aside, logic is embedded in the human brain. It seems to govern thought itself. We accept logic and math as the...

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Why I Believe in the Deity of Christ

...Why I Believe in The Deity Of Christ If I were asked why I believe in the deity of Christ my initial response would be because the Bible clearly and unequivocally describes Christ as divine. This was my belief prior to my reading assignments and I now believe that with a new level of certainty.Actually all of the reading assignments took me back to my firm belief in the Bible and the truth contained in it. First of all, I agree with the church's historical belief that "Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man in one person, and will be so forever." Reading in the Allison text about all of the challenges to this belief was both inspiring and troubling. Inspiring because each heretical line of thought was defeated. Troubling because the challenges kept coming, and they still do today. I would point out to the person questioning the deity of Christ how the great thinkers of each time eventually came back to the original premise for Christ's deity. From Docetism in the early church to the challenge by John Hicks in his book "The Myth of the Incarnate" in the modern period, a scholarly review of the scriptures show the deficiencies in every challenge.I would also point out how many of the challengers slightly altered truth and without a thorough study of the Bible, it would be easy to be deceived. A great evaluation of the evidence given in scripture for the deity of Christ was done by Bowman and Komoszewski. I really enjoyed the book "Putting Jesus In His Place" and will...

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Why Should I Believe in God

...En conclusion il me semble important de donner mon point de vue quant à ce sujet qu’il me paraissait important d’aborder. Je suis effectivement née dans une famille chrétienne et mon éducation s’est basée sur les valeurs du christianisme. L’adolescence ne fut pas une période évidente étant donné que c’est là que l’on se trouve réellement confronté aux valeurs défendues dans ce monde que l’on compare inévitablement à celle défendues par le christianisme. Pour moi le travail consiste à reconnaître sa véritable identité ancrée en Christ. En effet être chrétien pour moi c’est s’engager à imiter Christ, à marcher en le prenant comme modèle. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le point de vue de monsieur Joseph Moingt qui rejoint le mien en soutenant que finalement être chrétien se joue dans le monde. La religion a longtemps manqué de le comprendre. On est chrétien certes mais nous vivons dans le monde. Alors comment vivre dans le monde sans pour autant s’y conformer ? Telle est la question que selon moi devrait se poser chaque chrétien. Juste avant sa crucifixion, Jésus-Christ pria Dieu le Père pour Ses disciples : « Je ne te prie pas de les ôter du monde, mais de les préserver du mal. Ils ne sont pas du monde, comme moi je ne suis pas du monde » (Jean 17 :15-16). Pour comprendre cela il faut aller dans la bible c’est là que se trouve toutes les réponses que l’on cherche. La bible a effectivement elle-même permis le passage à la modernité. Dans le livre de la Genèse, on trouve le......

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...Are scientist sure there is water on Mars? 2.I don't know if I can help him,but I'll definitely try. 3.They say that the best things in life are free! 4 After we eat lunch, we're going to work on the chemistry project. 5.The test includes;reading,vocabulary,and grammar sections. 6.Bruce went running down the street, the huge rat was too much for him! B. correct the punctuation mistakes and add punctuation when necessary. 1.To get to Burlington ,you have to drive to the train station,take the train,and get a taxi. 2. Do you know where Maggie put the envelopes? 3.We need to print 200 newsletters this week—even more than last week! 4.Wow! 5.Randy looked at the ground, and sighed,it was all he could do. 6.The Train leaves in an hour;but you need to buy the tickets first! Write a letter to a friend about a movie you have seen or a book you have recently read. Dear Lindsay, I just read The hunger Games and Catching Fire, I cant believe I did it !They are so amazing,and good .I honestly recommend them to you; you like things like that action , horror, sci-fi and futuristic books .So I wonder why haven't recommended them to you before? Katniss is my new hero, Because even tho she got into trouble—didn’t expect to become such a role model in all of the district to cause that massive rebellion. This is some of the reasons why you should read them : They are a action packed intense ride, leaves you to wonder why do they do what they do, they have so......

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...the moon. Her face and arms began to swell and Whitey's on the moon. I can't pay no doctor bills but Whitey's on the moon. Ten years from now I'll be payin' still while Whitey's on the moon. The man just upped my rent last night cuz Whitey's on the moon. No hot water, no toilets, no lights but Whitey's on the moon. I wonder why he's uppin me. Cuz Whitey's on the moon? I was already givin' him fifty a week but now Whitey's on the moon. Taxes takin' my whole damn check, The junkies makin' me a nervous wreck, The price of food is goin' up, And as if all that shit wasn't enough: A rat done bit my sister Nell with Whitey on the moon. Her face and arms began to swell but Whitey's on the moon. Was all that money I made last year for Whitey on the moon? How come there ain't no money here? Hmm! Whitey's on the moon. Ya know, I just about had my fill of Whitey on the moon. I think I'll send these doctor bills airmail special.... to Whitey on the moon. By GIL-SCOTT HERON A rat done bit my sister Nell with Whitey on the moon. Her face and arms began to swell and Whitey's on the moon. I can't pay no doctor bills but Whitey's on the moon. Ten years from now I'll be payin' still while Whitey's on the moon. The man just upped my rent last night cuz Whitey's on the moon. No hot water, no toilets, no lights but Whitey's on the moon. I wonder why he's uppin me. Cuz Whitey's on the moon? I was already givin' him fifty a week but now Whitey's on the......

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Dave Matthews Band

...The Dave Matthews Band When I think of The Dave Matthews Band, I also think of their jazzy pop rock music that has helped them become a musical sensation. The band consists of jazz and classical musicians and of course, Dave Matthews. Their music and songs are very unique and have not been heard before the band came about. They have touched millions of people’s hearts, especially mine. The fact that they sing about real situations and real issues that are going on the world today is what makes them my favorite band. Whether I am happy, sad, or mad, The Dave Matthews Band’s album “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King” always lifts my spirits and puts me in a better mood; their songs are inspirational. One of the songs that touch me the most is called “Funny the Way It Is”. This song is about the good and bad things going on in the world. The point being made is that even though many wonderful things are happening, bad things are occurring at the exact same time. “Funny the way it is, if you think about it/ One kid walks 10 miles to school, another's dropping out/ Funny the way it is, not right or wrong/ On a soldier's last breath, his baby's being born/ Funny the way it is, not right or wrong/ Somebody's broken heart become your favorite song/ Funny the way it is, if you think about it/ One kid walks 10 miles to school, another's dropping out” Not only does it discuss the fine times and poor times in life, but also how people take the privileges they have for granted. While......

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...stairs to this loud, crowded, messy house, where tonight’s ‘phat’ party is being held. I take in the horrible smell of burning tobacco floating through the air being produced by young adolescents who have their 12oz. in one hand, and their Marlboro burning in the other. Black lungs, lung cancer, and that terrible smokers cough is all I can think of as I walk past these kids to one of my high school buddies who enjoys getting his pack-a-day of nicotine, tar filled cancer sticks. Is their really such thing as a light cigarette? I hold these thoughts to myself, and continue to chitchat with my buddy for the five minutes or so it takes him to finish his ‘cig’ about random, immature, and funny topics that he will probably forget about in the next 30 minutes. I carry on with my night by taking a few short steps into the crowded party house. Waka Flocka Flames “No Hands” is blaring through the air, people dancing, laughing, talking, and flirting while drinking their 12oz. cans. Standing to my left is at first glance a very attractive young woman, at second glance is a college student whose face is peeling due to the excessive amount of makeup covering her entire face. She is already starting to talk like she is a forty year smoker. I just saw her outside with a full 12oz. that she was rapidly finishing in order to get herself to as many of us young people would put it, “On Her Level”. I keep walking and feel my feet sticking to the floor with every step from the spilled......

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Maya Angelou

...As: Author of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Name at birth: Marguerite Johnson Maya Angelou's 1969 autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, was nominated for a National Book Award and made her a symbol of pluck and pride for African-American women. In the 1950s Angelou had been a dancer and stage actress, and she was active in the civil rights movement (she became a coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, thanks to a request from Martin Luther King, Jr.). During the 1960s she spent five years in Africa, working as a journalist and a teacher. Angelou returned to the United States and in 1969 published I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. In 1972 she was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her collection of poetry, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Diiie. Since then, Angelou has continued teaching, writing, acting, producing, recording (she won Grammy Awards for the spoken word for the years 1993, 1995 and 2002) and collecting honorary degrees from across the United States. Since 1981 she has been the Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. At Bill Clinton's request, Angelou wrote a poem -- On the Pulse of Morning -- for his 1993 inauguration as U.S. president. I chose one of Maya Angelou (Phenomenal Woman) for two reasons. One I feel that Maya is still one of the best poets in the world whose poems are studied in the universities around the world. Nothing can be taken from her. I love her......

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Reaction Paper

...nonfiction stories I read for this assignment were “Salvation, by Langston Hughes and Graduation, by Maya Angelou.” In the story “Salvation,” a young sinner, Langston Hughes, is brought to church by his aunt to “find Jesus." Even though Langston felt no connection to Jesus, he felt obligated to pretend, due to his love for his aunt. In our lives, many of our decisions are influenced by the ones close to us because of the love we have for them. We do not want to disappoint our love ones; therefore, occasionally one may defer goals and aspirations in fear of not receiving approval. When Langston Hughes says “So I decided that maybe to save further trouble, I‘d rather lie too, and say that Jesus had come, and get up and be saved.” Having said this, young Langston has apparently overlooked his personal belief to receive an approval of salvation by the congregation. After reading this story, I realized that everyday individuals are faced with hundreds of decisions and choices. Sometimes our consciences conflict with one another and it is hard to make the most beneficial decision. This happens so often that most of the time it will go past unnoticed. Peer pressure is one of the most common of these "bad consciences." Teenagers are the most vulnerable to peer pressure because of their desire to receive approval from their friends. Even in my own life I have been faced with making decisions based on the approval of others. Case in point, I married at age 20; I changed my mind......

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Maya Angelou

...religiousness.’ (Angelou, 1969) Emotionally, Marguerite Johnson was a sensitive child. Her feelings were easily hurt. She also felt racial discrimination from being in the South. She didn't have much confidence, and she believed (whole-heartedly) in GOD. She did not have enough love from her caregivers, as a child. At eight years old, she was raped. That event caused her to remain silent for five years; following the murder of her accused rapist. His death caused her to believe that her speaking her accusers' name caused his death. Marguerite Johnson was befriended by the kindness and generosity of a family friend, and the discovery of authors and poets helped her regain her voice. The adults in Maya Angelou's life were unstable, to say the least. Her father (being tall and handsome), was a womanizer. Her mother (being a beautiful woman), had have any man she wanted; considering she had several male acquaintances. Her paternal grandmother had also been married three times. It's no wonder why she had trouble maturing into an adult; due to the lack of stable role models and the continuously varying environment. She even had a moment when she was homeless for a month at the age of fifteen. During this time, she lived among other children of different ethnicity; that were going through...

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The Power of Freedom

...and demand for it. The same ideas are portrayed through the writing of a fellow activist, Maya Angelou. In “I know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Angelou, the idea of freedom is explained through the use of metaphors and imagery. To begin, the metaphors used compare two perspectives of life. The poem itself is one large extended metaphor with other metaphors dispersed throughout. The main metaphor explains the lives of two barricaded races; “The caged bird” representing those who lacked freedom and “The free bird” representing those with freedom (Angelou). A caged bird could be a metaphor for any group of people facing oppression while the cage represents physical barriers. The freedom appointed to the free bird is opposite to that given to the caged bird. To show how the caged birds dealt with this segregation Angelou writes, “The caged bird sings/with fearful trill of the things unknown/but longed for still/and is tune is heard/on the distant hill for the caged bird/ sings of freedom” (Angelou). The caged birds “fearful trill” represents the bird’s worry that it will never have a chance to experience that same freedom. Though he’s fearful and his ambition is unmet, the bird's song represents the bird’s true self that longs for something greater in life. Even though each bird is treated differently, the caged bird takes what he can get and continues to believe in his own freedom. Moreover, Angelou uses imagery to reflect the emotion and freedom the two birds......

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