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Why I Prefer to Use Machines Instead of Hands

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Some people like doing work by hand, others prefer using machines, which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers

Outline: 1. Working Efficiency: Easier and faster 2. More and more common, tendency to use technology

As technology gradually penetrates the society, people started to use more and more machines instead of hands. In people’s daily life, machines are everywhere. People use computer or mobile to skim news or read books, and these machines have already applied to every family. When people work either in the office or at home, computer has become essential equipment. Still, some people prefer to work by hands since they think it will be more reliable and trustful. As a student, I prefer to do work by machines instead of hands especially when I am doing work for school.
One vital beneficial of technology is it’s convenient and much easier and faster than human hands. Being a student at school, there is tons of work everyday. Each teacher will require work such as writing an essay or finishing some study guide. I have been using computer for several years, and my typing speed is much faster than when I doing the same thing by hands. Writing by hands turns to be some tougher work to me since I have use computer instead of hands for a long time and I definitely know which way is easier. For example, I had two study guides last semester for world history and biology. There were abundant of knowledge needing to memorize for both of them. However, my world history teacher required us to use pen and gave us the reason that writing by hands is better for people to memorize things. But the results turned out that I did better in biology test. I only took about 30 minutes to finish the study guide since I had all the separate notes of each chapter for biology while I took almost the whole day to finish world history. The results definitely showed the efficiency of using computer to work instead of hands.
Another main reason that I like doing work by machine is because more and more people tend to use machine instead of hands, and I believe eventually everyone will be required of using machines. For example, in my school every student is required to buy a computer from school since there will be lots of work doing by computer. Almost every teacher assigned students to finish work electrically and sometimes we will need to turn in the homework online. Therefore, people that prefer to do work by hands will have to change their method of working. School assignments such doing presentation sometimes will require us to do PowerPoint on computer and this has obviously become a popular way to display some work. Teachers from my school will send important documents via DyKnow, a technical application that students can debate over some knowledge in school and send files to each other. As a result, every one needs to learn how to work on machine, not by hands.
Using machines to do work has become a common thing in everyone’ daily life. No matter whether people prefer to use machines or not, apparently machines will eventually overtake human labor. Also regarding its working efficiency comparing to human hands, I definitely prefer to do work by machines instead of hands.

Something that can only be done by machines.

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