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Why I Want a Masters of Business Administration

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Why I want a Master’s of Business Administration

Brian Simpson

Management MGT/521

05 February 2010
Dr. Robert Larkin

Why I want a Master’s of Business Administration

There are a myriad of reasons one would pursue a Master’s of Business Administration degree or better known as MBA. It takes a high level of mental stamina and drive to accomplish the goal notwithstanding they are working a full-time job. I have been working toward accomplishing the MBA for enhancing my career and to establish precedence within my family. This paper will enlighten the reader of why the degree of an MBA.
Enhancing My Career Recently, I was offered a job and have since accepted the position as an electronic quality assurance representative to monitor the Department of Defense contracts of private companies in the Reno/Sparks area. I chose this position because of the experience that I gained via the military. I chose this field because I want to do my part to ensure the Department of Defense continues to be provided with a quality product. I have 11 years experience performing analytical research and inspections of several types of avionics systems. I have the technical experience to perform the job however; I do not have an inkling of how the inner workings of a private business work. I believe a MBA would assist me to have an understanding of my job and the company that has the contract that I would be overseeing.
Jungian Personality Assessment Recently, I had partaken of the Jungian Personality self-assessment and recieved a trait indicator of ENFP or an extrovert with intuitive that has feelings and perceives. I believe this fits me to a “T.” Kleiman (2007) stated, “An individual’s personality can have an important bearing on job success” (p. 151). As one does research on the ENFP, they will find that the career choices are all encompassing. According to...

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