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Why I Want To Be A Doctor Essay

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The interest of a career in medicine developed from my passion for sports from a young age, seeing my favourite bowler Brett Lee injured just before the T20 world cup in 2010. My natural trait to think outside the box sparked my interest in the intricacies of the human body, the delicate balance between health and illness pushed me to be more critical and analytic of our body and the way it works. I started to think about one of the quote of Christopher Morley “A human being is an ingenious assembly of portable plumbing. “ Broadening my inquisitive nature I questioned the complex nature of the human anatomy and physiology present in our everyday life, these factors combined with my caring attitude towards others has spurred me to pursue a career in medicine.
Wide-ranging activities and work experience has enhanced my wisdom and skills to become a doctor. During a week of work experience
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Mentoring younger students during my lunch times in chemistry, taking part in speeches with the debating society in school, captaining the school 2nd hockey team, as well as house cricket team and representing local cricket team in the regional and national competition, winning numerous trophies and medals, playing tennis and going to the gym regularly, I have the art of time management, leadership qualities and organisational skills. I feel these interpersonal skills are essential and will be a great asset as I train to become a doctor.
My passion and resolve to pursue a career in medicine is not a starry eyed one, but grounded in real life and based on in depth consideration. I believe that my enthusiasm and drive along with my experiences have equipped me with skills necessary to be resilient in the face of challenge and to relish any difficulties. Furthermore appreciate the opportunities that come alongside being a doctor in the evolving field of

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