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Why I Want to Teach

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Teaching for the Future
Valentonia Somers
Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus

Teaching for a Future Many now and upcoming teachers have different ideas when it comes to the type of image they want to imprint on their students. Growing up I have had many teachers, some have left good and bad experiences in my life that has ultimately brought me to where I am today. “John Dewey was possibly the most influential educator of the twentieth century and probably the most controversial one”(Sadker &Zittleman 2010). I believe in being a progressive teacher in that I want to see my students at any skill level continue to improve. As a progressive teacher I will have 3 main goals: to inspire, grow and groom individuality into each student under my care in the classroom. I will a teacher whose image will never be forgotten and whose tenacity for education is never questioned. I believe that, if possible, every child no matter the age or ethnic background should be treated as an Individual in the classroom. In my own personal experiences being a student I have seen how even in a college setting the connection a teacher or professor can have with a student one on one is much more satisfying than a teacher who just teaches a class. Education, according to John Dewey, is the “participation of the individual in the social consciousness of the race” (Dewey, 1897). As such, education should take into account that the student is a social being. The process begins at birth with the child unconsciously gaining knowledge and gradually developing their knowledge to share and partake in society. Furthermore, in my educative journey with my students I want them to be able to realize and show their potential so that they may pass along knowledge to their peers and family in and out of the classroom. To be able to inspire my students is my supreme objective for inspiration...

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