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Why Iact College Is the Best?

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Why Is IACT The Best?

Location * Strategic place,Public Transport * LRT,Bus and Taxi stands * Places to hangout&purchase electronics stuffs * Shopping mall

Facilities * Gym,Café and PC Labs * To keep the students’ body in shape,variety of food * Free for students,cheap * Saves students’ time and

Learning Method * Project Learning Method * Creative and Critical Thinking * Industry based practices * Widen students’ knowledge


Introduction-Why pick IACT?How does IACT College became the number one choice for creative study?According to the students’ they choose IACT College due to its Location,Programmes,Facilities and Learning Methods.

IACT is in the strategic place as it becomes handy for the students. * Petaling Jaya – Number of places to eat (eg.KFC,PIZZA and Subway) * Lots of places to hangout(eg.Jaya Shopping Centre,Jaya One and Digital Mall. * Public Transports – Asia Jaya LRT Station,Bus and Taxi stands

IACT provides plenty of facilities to give the students a happy campus life. * Recreational facilities such as Monster Fit Gym to keep fit,Swimming pool to cool off and Bat Cave to relax and release mind tension. * Study facilities such as PC Labs and Mac Labs for the students to do their assingments.

IACT provides programmes that are very effective and their learning methods allow the students to peform better at higher level. * Emphasis more on creative and critical thinking. * industry-relevant learning enviroment

Conclusion In conclusion,IACT College strives to ensure that you will gain insight and knowledge to the fast changing communication environment. So,why don’t you pick IACT College as your first choice? Let’s embark on your educational journey to excellence with us!

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IACT College,The Creative Communication Specialist

According to statistics of Malaysian Education Department,there are 475 of colleges and universities.Among these numerous colleges and universities,IACT College is the only one which provides the creative communication courses.So why pick IACT College?Why IACT College became the number one choice for creative study?According to the students’s perspective,they choose IACT College due to its Location,Programmes,Learning Methods and Facilities.

Being in the right location is a key ingredient in an education success.IACT College is in a strategic place for public transports such as Asia Jaya LRT Station,Taxi and Bus stands.Not only that,there are variety of places for entertainment and hangout with the nearby Jaya Shopping Centre.Wireless communication systems became popular in today’s fast-paced world.In order to get one-stop retail address for IT,Electronics and Electrical products, Digital Mall which is near to IACT College is the best place to get it.

Furthermore,IACT College has plenty of facilities for students and staffs.A fine tuning to a human body is the physical fitness.So,there is a gym called Monster Fit along with a swimming pool which is free for the students.Multiple PC Labs are provided for the students who need to do their assignments and and to those who has technical problems with their own laptops or computers.There is also a cafeteria called Bacteria where the students can find variety of food.At the same time,the price of the food is cheap and affordable for the students.

Moreover,IACT College’s learning method is very innovative.They emphasis more on students’ critical and creative thinking.They brand themselves as specialist college known which provides industry-relevant learning environment that mirrors current industry standards and practices.Sixty is the number of awards that IACT students have won since 2012.On top that,96% of alumni are employed in the creative communication industry with six months of graduation.
In conclusion,IACT College strives to ensure that you will gain insight and knowledge to the fast changing communication environment as well as develop and sharpen the skills that many of the students already have.So,why don’t you pick IACT College as your first choice?
Let’s embark on your educational journey to excellence with us!For more details,contact us at 03-79541909 or visit us at now.

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