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Why Innovation Is Important

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“I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.” This phrase is assigned to Henry Ford, one of the greatest industrial innovators that our world has ever known. Once read, this quote has necessarily triggered a smile or at least a frown to your face. These two reactions disappear and leave the mind reflecting upon interesting and intriguing questions like: “Do we always need innovation? And if the answer seems to be yes why is it necessary?”
One can find the beginning answers to these questions in another quote from Henry Ford, who said once to a journalist that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses” and surely not cars. Does one should infer that humankind
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This application in the business field might be analogized to a more humanistic dimension. Indeed we live in a world that is witnessing perpetual changes and variable factors. To innovate, is the only way to respond to these uncontrollable changes that one is facing. Innovate to survive is true in business but seems truer in the real world where solutions to environmental, social or health problems do not fall from the sky but are rather the result of years or decade of tireless work and research.
Innovation is necessary because people do not know what they want and because it is essential to survive but also due to its inspirational virtue. This idea clearly states that innovation inspires people. Being inspired is essential for people to keep trust in life and do not fall in a boring and fatalistic pessimism. One cannot deny the fact that by being inspired, he or she will find a sense to its life. And what better way to arouse people than to show them new fields or new technologies to work on.

If innovation is so necessary in our life why do some countries and regions are more innovative than others? The
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As a corporation, it is quite different, companies will have first to value the role of each single employee in the company and integrate what is called the multi-perspective decision making process. In others words, companies should be aware that innovation can come from everywhere but mainly coming from the collaboration of plenty of minds driven by only one conviction: INNOVATE. To get involved everyone in this process, companies should create a certain culture inside it. This culture can be built through weekly meetings or conferences inside the company on imagination or creation, workshops, trainings… Of course that money is a strong incentive to make people behave in a certain way by for example recruiting expensive staff or outsourcing the works, but sometimes it is either not affordable for the company or simply not enough in the case of employees who are already well paid. It is at that point, where management is fully playing his role. Managers should be valuing the role of each employee in the company and make him understand that his or her

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