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Why Is Death Important In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Colin Campbell Ross, Joe Arridy, Thomas Griffin and George Stinney all have something in common. Despite all coming from very different backgrounds and very different families they all share one thing in common, they were all wrongly put to death. Each of their cases were revaluated after their deaths and each man was proven innocent, their families were awarded a large sum of money as compensation for the Courts mistakes. But with this fact being said can any sum of money truly contemplate for the loss of a life? Can money truly replace a loved one- a son, a husband, a wife? It is an obvious fact that money cannot buy back a human life. There have been many other recorded cases of executions; cases that were later proven to be innocent and …show more content…
Those against the idea of Capital Punishment often argue that a human beings life is so precious, so valued that it should not ever be abruptly ended even despite the individuals past and even despite how animalistic the crimes they committed were.
An example of unfair trials and wrongly charged sentences despite being a fictional novel is, To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel that follows a black man living in Southern America in the early 1930’s wrongly accused and sentenced for raping a white woman. Not only does this show how people can be wrongly sentenced but also shows examples of racial discrimination and how their trials were more than usually unfairly judged simply due to the colour of their skin and ethnicity. I link this source to a more present and recent court case that has slowly but surely attracted attention …show more content…
That they should spend the remainder of their lives in a dirty cell, stripped of a sense of normality as the World they once knew crashes and burns. But of course, I know this isn’t always an option.
Gregor McGurk was responsible for the death of his Father. Instead of being sent to Death Row or a lifetime in Prison Gregor was diagnosed with schizophrenia and sent to a psychiatric ward. Avoiding the possibility of a Death sentence. He will spend the rest of his life there due to the obvious fact he is too dangerous to ever be rehabilitated or released back into Society. This is the case with many convicted murderers.
Yet, even taking into consideration both sides of this fiery argument I, still whole-heartedly believe that the death penalty is a breach of human rights. Yes, human rights. I believe that no man should ever be given the right nor the power to take someone else’s life, whether it be execution or the very reason they’re being put to death. I understand there will be people that disagree with my opinion but for as long as I live I will forever stand against the death penalty because it is indeed a breach of human

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