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Why Is Immigration Important In Australia

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Australia, which is a relatively high-immigration country and a popular nation to immigrants all around the world. Since ancient time, Australia attracts a mass of immigrants to study or work because of the clean natural environment, biology diversity and rich natural resources, perfect education system as well as the multicultural society (Ehow, n.d.). It should be acknowledged that immigration has played an integral role in Australia’s population increase and economic development (Migration Expert, n.d.). The immigration in Australia has undergone a long-term process. Firstly, indigenous inhabitants have lived in Australia for approximately 40,000 years. On 26 January 1788, a date known as ‘Australia Day’ at present, the Britain’s first …show more content…
Afterwards, the main reason behind the dramatic increasing number in the population lies in the fact that the Gold Rush began in 1851. A large number of British and Italy immigrants and some Europeans as well as over 24,000 Chinese immigrated to Australia to earn living by panning, farming, mining and trade in this period. Every single settler endured the long and arduous ocean navigation because Australia became a dream land as a shortage of labour and abundant resources (Migration Expert, n.d.). After the establishment as a Federation of States in 1901, the first reformation for limiting the non-white immigrants was the Immigration Restrictions Act of 1901, also known as ‘White Australia policy’, but it was opposed by the British government because of the racial discrimination. However, the immigration officer selected the European language test which was a rigorous dictation test to restrict non-white settlement in 1909 (Charles 1987). After the Second World War, in order to avoid Japanese invasion, the Australian government began a massive immigration from Europe to increase Australia’s white population. Millions of outcast refugees from the war in Europe immigrated to Australia to seek asylum. Therefore, the Australian government signed agreements with the International Refugee …show more content…
Furthermore, government formulates different criteria as the bases for selecting permanent or temporary immigrants (Migration Expert, n.d.). Put it in details, the permanent immigrants including “family migration for relatives, skill-based migration for those with technical and professional qualifications or resources and humanitarian and refugee admissions” (Migration Expert, n.d.). The temporary immigrants including guest workers, visitors and students (Migration Expert,

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