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Organizational Behavior Trends Paper
Mary J. Fambro
December 13, 2010
Adeline Boomgaard

Organizational Trends
Today’s business world is high-tech, high-stress and high-speed. Although some traditional methods of organizational management are necessary, today’s successful organizations must focus on high-performance, operational effectiveness, organizational dynamics, diversity, and communication. This summary will examine the characteristics of high-performance organizations. It will discuss how they differ from traditional organizations in terms of operational effectiveness, workplace stress, and organizational. The summary will also discuss strategies for managing stress in the workplace and evaluate some to the emerging trends in organizational behavior as they relate to high-performance workplaces and stress management techniques.
Characteristics of High-Performance Organizations
High-Performance Organizations (HPO) is an organization that concentrates on bringing out the best in individual employees. In order for the organization to emerge as a HPO the organization must implement the following characteristics:
* Individuals are assets. With a High-Performance Organization employees are assets to the organization.
* Mobilized teams. The heart of a HPO is cohesion and teamwork. Flat hierarchies were team members can work together is a strong characteristic of the HPO.
* Integrate the newest technologies. Technology can greatly enhance productivity to free up employees to focus on other important task. This can be accomplished only with proper training.
* Focus on growth and development. HPO thrives on learning and advancement with ongoing training and teaching seminars to empower employees.
* Goal objectives. The goal of an HPO is to aim for growth my meeting and exceeding goals. Accomplished through vision…...