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The similar theme running through all of these videos is listening. It is however addressed from a multitude of different angles. Examples include how architecture has aided in the development of music due to the way it influences how we listen, the danger to our health caused by listening to noise and the scientific result on the brain of hearing music and the emotional response.
Evelyn Glennie points out one key importance of music in citing what it can teach us. This is the skill of listening. To avoid “scisophonia”, which was explained in one video as a disconnect between what we hear and what we see caused by listening to headphones, we must learn to “test our listening skills” by “using our bodies as a resonating chamber”. This will enhance our ability to communicate with other people , and leave behind “judgement” and preconceived notions. We can practice this particular skill according to Evelyn by listening to music that we may not particularly like at first hearing. This is because we will be practicing the discipline of patience in really listening to what we hear and contemplating it, therefore the implication is that through practicing this skill we could create a more harmonious world, as we would not be shackled to our subconscious stereotypical biases.
I think that the diverse emotional experiences that can be caused from listening to music, as was illustrated in the brain scan when the Dr was listening to Bach, that we can gain from listening to different pieces as it is an eye opening and mind expanding experience. Music also forces you to think outside the box in this way, as since there is no specific measure of success, you are forced to indulge your creative side. This was illustrated by Glennie in the way she speculated aloud about why the audience had not tried to experiment more with their jewlery, other body parts etc. when trying to mimic rain or snow.
The concepts discussed above are admittedly only one angle that you could look at to explain why music is important, but perhaps the strongest. This is that what a progressive and wonderful world we could live in if we could only learn from music, and carry these lessons into every aspect of our lives.

n the discussion area I want you to answer this question. Why is music so important? I recommend watching and listening to all these videos before you answer. I want to know what these talks/videos have in common. Stay away from the obvious (

Please pay special note to Evelyn Glennie and Benjamin Zander talks.

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