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Why Is Romeo And Juliet Still Relevant

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Today I will be pitching forward to you, my own vision for Romeo and Juliet. Why is Romeo and Juliet still relevant to a modern audience after over 400 years? Simply because it contains themes that are still applicable to a modern audience, of love, hate, youth, mortality, fate, foolishness and exile. All timeless themes and relatable to all age groups, specifically adolescents. Although these themes may resonate with youths, the target audience for this historical drama will be the older generations. By keeping the original text, costuming and setting, the film will aim to inform the viewer about the daily lives of the elite in the 1500’s, as well as conventions and struggles of the time whilst still using well-known actors to relate to the...

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...There are many themes in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet; the most important themes are love, death and grief. These themes are displayed in the play in a number of scenes and incidents. Romeo and Juliet is the most famous and oldest recorded love story in the English literary tradition. Love is naturally the play’s dominant and most important theme this play may be over 400 years old but, is still relevant today due to popular and common themes in modern times. Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet is about two teenagers who fall in love at first sight, but is forbidden and unrequited because the two families (Capulet and Montague) are feuding. The lack of communication between the two in this play leads to both of the lovers taking their own lives so they can be eternally together. Love is unsurprisingly the play’s most overriding and most significant theme. The love that Shakespeare ultimately portrays in the play is a youthful lust that the kind of love that Romeo and Juliet display leads the star crossed lovers to enact a selfish isolation from their parent’s demands and expectations around them. Romeo and Juliet avoid their commitments to anyone else and choose to act selflessly only towards one another. Romeo and Juliet’s youthful lust is one of many reasons why their relationship grows so intense so quickly. Throughout the play, Shakespeare only describes Romeo and Juliet's love as a short-term burst of youthful passion. In most of his work, considering that no other......

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...Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare between the years 1591-1595, it is and it was one of the most well-known and well-quoted piece of English literature. Audience during Shakespeare times would watch his plays for fun and entertainment because they don’t have anything to do or to play with. The prologue creates tension because it starts to build up the following scene. The main themes of the play are when Romeo and Juliet fall in love and die together, this shows that two enemies fall in love and die together. Their families’ hate each other which makes them fought their lives for each other. ‘A pair of star-crossed lovers takes their life.’ It is a romantic quote which shows they both love each other so badly. It is also a romantic play with a lot of action. Shakespeare wanted to mix these two themes together because he wanted the audience to see how good his plays were. We know that Romeo is a teenager who is trying to find a girl. He wants a girl called Rosaline but she wants to be a nun. He keeps going after her but she is hard to get and to love. Romeo is a keen person and he wants to know what is happening around him. He is quite young to get married. Romeo is only 16 years old. Romeo uses religious words to describe Juliet when he sees her. Juliet is only 14 years old. Romeo is invited to the Capulet’s party and sees Juliet and then he forgets about Rosaline and falls in love with Juliet. Shakespeare starts Act 1 Scene 1 with servants in the kitchen, because......

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...Is Shakespeare relevant to modern students today you ask? Of course he is! As students, who doesn’t love a bit of murder and revenge like in Hamlet, or maybe a story of true love like in Romeo and Juliet, or to hate the real villain of a story, like Lady Macbeth. When you think of Shakespeare, you imagine a very old weird looking man with a daggy moustache and hair, whose words have to be repeated a few times to really understand them and story lines that make even the strangest shows on TV these days seem boring. It would be easy to say that his 39 plays are very old fashioned and not relevant for modern students, however, his themes of hate, betrayal, love, prejudice, revenge and family breakdowns are all relevant for us today. The fact that he was able to show all these themes in his many comedies, tragedies and histories is amazing, how many play writers or authors today can say they cover so many themes in their books or plays? Perhaps my favourite thing about Shakespeare after researching for this blog was his dislike for people in his plays by using insults like “lump of foul deformity” or “poisonous hunchback toad” and “mountain of mad flesh” or my favourite “not so much brain as...

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...Shakespeare was around during the sixteenth century, however, about four hundred years later we are still watching his plays, reading his poems, and analyzing his works in schools. He has reached global fame, and his works can appeal to everyone, from the common man to the highest aristocrat and most powerful leader. Why has Shakespeare been able to reach the pinnacle of fame and remain relevant to literature and culture centuries after his death? The answers are simple, yet the average person may overlook them. One of the biggest reasons Shakespeare is able to remain omnipresent in our literature and culture is the fact that he keeps his themes simple and accessible. He is able to take conflicts in the stories, that while they may seem to...

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...repeatedly adopted and rediscovered by new movements in scholarship and performance, and is currently an active part of education curriculums. His plays remain highly popular today and are constantly studied, performed and reinterpreted in diverse cultural and political contexts throughout the world. It is safe to say that although Shakespearean plays were set in the Renaissance Era, they are still the epitome of English literature and are revered by theaters, performers and audiences alike due to their remarkable credibility in portraying everlasting political, social and moral issues. His plays move from romantic to tragic, humorous to serious so much so that he not only caters to all tastes but also all times by portraying the political situation of his times as well as the way of living. Even Romeo and Juliet, considered by many as a die –hard romantic scripture actually highlights political issues. One of the main political aspects of the play was when count Paris uses his political and aristocratic power to threaten Juliet if she did not marry him. The romance provided a perfect front to front to address the rich/poor issues in the Elizabethan era, and even today we see such situations where the influential overpower the lower castes, forcing them to sometimes give up on their dreams and hopes. The relevance is uncanny and once you read the play you...

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