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Why Is Water Conservation Important to Me?

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Water is an important resource for life and living. We drink water, we use water to bathe, we use water to cook, and we use water to stay hydrated. In turn, it’s very important to conserve water and use it when needed. Many people use water today without asking these questions: ‘What would I do without water?’ or ‘I wonder what it would it would be like to not have water directly inside of our houses, what would we do if we had to go out and find the water ourselves?’ That is the epidemic people in this world are faced with today. And I believe that it is fixable. Although it will be hard to notify people about this crisis it is not impossible.

The unthinkable needs to be present in this mind set. What would happen if we were to run out of water in Georgia, or in a bigger aspect The United States of America! We would struggle with finding the location of fresh water, we would struggle with how to get to the water once we find it, and struggle with the decision of what is more important to use the water on. All this would be avoided if we were just to conserve water now. Water will soon dry up in certain spots and be unavailable to some people. Water conservation would be a good choice right now for later usage of this natural resource.

We have to learn from what has already happened. In Africa they have very little to no water. There has been an ongoing epidemic in Africa, the problem is getting better but it is still there. We have to learn from previous misfortunes and save the water we have while we can. We can take shorter showers. Or use rain water to water your plants, it’s the little things that can make a huge difference. We don’t have to go all out and collect water from your showers to reuse; just the simple basic things can add up pretty quickly if everyone contributes.

Conservation is very important to the inhabitants of the world right now and...

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