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Why Managers Should Behave Ethically

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Why Managers should behave ethically

Upon studying the subject at hand, the first question should be what are ethics? Ethics are the inner guiding moral principles, values, and beliefs that people use to analyze or interpret a situation and then decide what the appropriate way to behave. There is a close relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices. Since management is always involved in dealing with people, it is a part of social and work life of the manager. Ethically responsible management takes into consideration all social issues in human relations. Workers want to see any action taken by managers is an ethically correct action to consider the management ethically right. Doing things right is when the deed is in line with the interest of the company. The first step in positively influencing employee’s behavior must first come from management. Therefore an ethical program should be implemented and consist of a well-designed code of ethics. This should inspire and promote ethical values, and not just consist of a set of constraints, rules and violations. Instead focus on all stakeholders who are affected by the company’s objective (employees’, customers, supplies, shareholders and the community it shares).
A provision of guidance for employees and a system for obtaining advice and speaking up on ethical issues. Allows the employee’s to feel involved in process of creating an environment of accountability. Ethical behavior increases efficiency and effectiveness of production of work. It will increase a company’s performance and increases a standard of living and well-being and prosperity. With all aspects in place it sets the right example for the employee’s and creates for an ideal-desirable place to work and provides for a clearer focus for the company to operate in. Protecting the interest of the company will allow…...

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