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Why Men Needs Vision and Dream

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1) God’s foundational key to Gods strategy for ruling earth from heaven is the male man.

2) God’s original purpose is to extend his Heavenly kingdom to Earth. He wanted to colonize earth with heaven; he wanted to extend his invisible kingdom to this visible earth.

3) God’s goal was to fill the earth with the culture of heaven. When a kingdom colonizes a territory, it fills the territory with its culture.

4) One of the great mistakes of the church is it has reversed God’s program. It preoccupies people to leave earth, when in fact the instruction was to occupy till He comes.

5) Man was never created to dominate other men, but to dominate earth. You and I were created to dominate the resources of earth in the area of gifting. God gave all of us dominion, not over people, not even over your wife.

6) Discovery of your purpose is the source of your personal leadership. Leadership has to do with self discovery than it has to do with leading people. True leaders never seek followers, followers are attracted to the gift of the leader.

7) Vision is a preview of your purpose.

8) Man is spirit and spirits have no gender. You’ll never find in the Bible a reference to a male/female spirit. God took the first man, and put him in a body, and the first body God made was a male. Man comes in two models: male and female.

9) God only made only 1-human from the soil and he never went back. Not even women came from the soil. Out of the male body God pulled out a woman. God gave the woman the instruction to be an incubator for the man.

10) Wherever there is no management, God retards growth. Whatever you mismanage, you loose. If you mismanage your wife, you loose her.

11) Eden is a Hebrew word meaning presence. Hidden is not a place, it’s an environment. God created man to live in Eden.

12) The devil has no problem with women coming to church. The devil knows that if men ever get back into Gods presence, the family will come back to order. The devil hates a worshipping man.

13) The first place God put man was in his presence. The second thing God gave man is work. God gave man work before woman. The third thing God gave man is to take care of the garden, the fourth; to protect; the fifth to teach; and the sixth, responsibility in the garden.

14) The devil works so hard on the male, even to confuse him about his own sexuality. This is why pornography is so strong on the male to corrupt him. Every advertisement is targeted at the male is a woman’s naked body with her breasts hanging out.

15) The male was created first. First doesn’t mean you are better, it means you are responsible for everything that comes after you. God never taught the woman anything, He automatically made the male her teacher.

16) Two, the first thing God gave the male was image, because the most important thing males must have is a self image. Three, the first place God put the man was in Eden, in His presence. Four, the first command God gave to man was to work. Five, to Cultivate; Six, to Protect; Seven, to Obey My word.

17) The key to manhood is work.

18) The first command God gave man was to work, not to pray or worship.

19) Work is Eragon. It means to become, to manifest, to fulfil, to reveal, to become yourself; in other words, to discover to become what you ought to become through self manifestation.

20) Your work is not your job. Your job is what they pay you to do; your job is what you were born to do. You can retire from your job, you can’t retire from your work, coz your work is your gift.

21) God has hid in every male an awesome vision he is to become. You are not supposed to go to work, you are supposed to manifest work. Nobody can fire you from being yourself.

22) The average man has never discovered himself, that’s why women are confused.

23) Your work is your purpose; your purpose is the original reason why you were created. A bird was born to fly, when its flying, it’s working. A fish was born to swim, when its swimming, it’s working.

24) You cannot hire a gift.

25) Your work is your source of your vision. Vision is purpose in pictures. When you see what you were born to do in pictures, that your vision. When you find your purpose and see it in pictures, you’ve discovered your vision.

26) You were born because of purpose, not to find it.

27) There is something God wanted done that He already finished, so He gave you birth to start it. So you’re not here as an experiment, you’re here as an assignment. You came to earth already with your work trapped on the inside, prepared long before the world began. You’re living with your work, the problem is you’re trapped on the job.

28) Your job can suffocate your work.

29) The male is defined by his work. God gave man work first, then He gave him woman. In other words, you’re supposed to know your work before you find a woman.

30) Your worth is in your work, not from a woman. Its your work that makes you worthful. When a man doesn’t have an awareness of his work, he feels worthless.

31) A male’s value is in his work. Women don’t make men valuable, their work make them feel valuable. When a man looses his work, he feels less valuable, that’s why he beats the woman.

32) When a man finds his niche, everything comes alive. He feels important, even without anyone’s approval. When a man finds his work, he doesn’t need buddies to make him feel valuable.

33) The males esteem is in his work.

34) Work and woman: the male was given work before woman. You are supposed to already know your vision for your life before you marry a woman. Eve met Adam with two things: in Gods presence, and two, working. A woman is supposed to meet you with two things: Gods presence and working.

35) The woman was created to help the man. If someone is coming to help you, you must be doing something. God said, I will make for him a helper. Everything God built into a woman is to help her man. When some men meet some women, they feel threatened, coz they’ve got no project for her to work on.

36) Most men marry women like companies hire people. Some companies hire people and don’t give them anything to do. Its so frustrating to hire someone and not tell them what to do. When a man discovers his work, then he’s ready for a woman to help him in his work.

37) A woman needs a mans work to be fulfilled, coz, she’s a helper. A helper comes to help you. If you need to lift a podium, and you need help, you either need someone as strong as you are, or stronger. We think the woman is the weaker vessel. The word weaker in the Bible means delicate, not without strength. The helper has to either be as strong or stronger, to help you with your work.
38) Men consider women a threat coz they don’t have any work for the woman to do. A woman needs her man who knows his work.

39) If a man wants to marry a woman, the first question a woman should ask a man is not do you love me?, but where are you going. Work before woman, vision before woman, assignment before woman.

40) When a man finds his work, he secures the peace of the woman. A woman doesn’t come to compete with you, she comes to complete you.

41) Because God equipped them to help, if they come into your life and you’ve got nothing to do, they will go ahead and help themselves, by starting their own businesses, their own projects etc.

42) A female is an incubator. Her entire body is an incubator. Whatever you put into an incubator is multiplied, given life and given back to you. Incubators never keep anything. If you give a woman a sperm, she’ll multiply it, make it bigger and give you a baby. If you give her a house, she multiplies it and gives you a home. You give her groceries; she multiplies it and gives you a meal. Give her a word, she’ll multiply it and give you a sentence. Give her frustration, she’ll multiply it and give you hell. You can always tell what you’ve given a woman by what she is giving back to you.

43) She came into your life to help. A woman is frustrated by a man who doesn’t know his own vision. Your job is not your work.

44) The most important discovery of a male is his work.

45) Vision gives a male a sense of meaning in life. Vision provides security and meaning for the female also coz she came into your life to help you go to wherever you are going.

46) You should never marry a woman if you don’t know where you are going. That’s an abuse of a woman. She came to help you, to help you with what, is the question.

47) We cannot go into the next century with confused men. You wife may be quiet, but she’s quietly frustrated. She needs you to find your vision for her own sanity. Prov 29 says where there is no vision, the people perish.

48) When your wife goes to work for others, she makes them rich. If she works with you, she’ll make you rich, and both of you will be rich.

49) You were never supposed to die on your job, you’re supposed to die on your work. Job is temporary, work is permanent. Your wife needs security, work is security.

50) Where there’s no vision, the people perish. Vision is more important than the person. You give your children purpose when you find your own vision. Where there is no vision, you affect all the people. Vision is a source of self control. Vision is a key to corporate and personal discipline.

51) If you have no vision, you are an open game.

52) If you have no vision, you can be lead by good things that are not right. Good things are not always right. Vision is purpose which you can see. Can you see an apple tree in an apple seed? Vision. Vision is purpose in Technicolor.

53) Some people have seen their vision but their society tells you not to dream that big. Vision is Gods deposit of his purpose in your heart. Vision is looking at your future and from it comes your passion.

54) A man who knows his purpose doesn’t go home and sit in front of the television with bear in his hand, drinking for five hours.

55) Vision makes you a finished man. Your vision is your true concept.

56) God wants you to have sight but never to live by your sight. The greatest gift God gave man is not the gift of sight, but the gift of vision. The greatest enemy of vision is sight. Sight is a function of the eyes but vision is a function of the heart. Never trust your eyes over your vision. Vision shows you what could be, sight shows you what is. Always live by what you see with your vision, and not what you see with your eyes. The Bible says we walk by faith not by sight. Vision contradict your eyes.

57) Your vision is more real than your present realities.

58) Your birth is evidence that there is something finished that you were born to start. That’s why the Bible says “He shows you your end your beginning”. God won’t allow you to see what is not there. Once you see it, that’s a fact.

59) The distance between what you see and where you are is called, the plan. Its important for you as a man to see your end. If you meet a woman at the beginning, you better not tell her what you have at the beginning, coz you aint got nothing. You better show her what you’ll have at the end. A woman can believe in your dreams more than in your pocket.

60) Never judge a man at his beginning, coz the beginning is always small. The Bible says the end of a thing is greater than its beginning. You need to find your work.

61) Joseph saw his end when he was a teenager, and Joseph believed his end so much he started talking about it. You don’t believe it until you start talking about it.

62) To know if a vision is from God, it’ll make you look like a fool. If they believe you the first time you tell them, it’s not from God.

63) Every vision only has one believer at first. Sometimes you’ve got to first convince your spouse, like Abraham and Joseph.

64) Joseph ran and told his daddy, I saw myself sitting on the throne. His brothers said are you crazy? If they don’t think you are crazy, its not a vision from God yet. Joseph’s brothers couldn’t handle his dream; they threw his clothes off and threw him in a pit. Joseph never got angry. Joseph in the pit must have said to himself, this is not what I saw. If what you see is not what you saw, then what you see is temporary. Your job is your temporary employment. Enjoy where you are, coz it isn’t permanent, its temporary.

65) When his brothers took Joseph to the desert and threw him into the pit, it had to be one of the pits right next to the highway, where the merchants caravans would be coming all the way from Syria to Egypt to do buisness. They had to have thrown him into the right pit right next to the highway. It was the right pit that the caravans had to pass. When his brothers saw the caravans, the took him out of the pit and sold him on the side of the road to the caravans. He was in the right pit right next to the right highway, coz the free transportation that he needed to get to the throne was coming that same highway

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