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Why Not to Legalize Marijuana

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Salem Goodrum
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19 March 2015

The subject of legalizing marijuana has been a very popular and debatable topic recently. It has been such a popular topic because, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used in the United States” (par. 2). You often hear or see people talking about the pros of legalizing marijuana, and not so many cons. I have done extensive research and came up with some powerful cons as to why we should not legalize this drug. The negative issues associated with legalizing marijuana are the physical and mental effects to the body, it typically leads to the further use of drugs that are more harmful, and it has multiple implications on society. This drug is a plant known as a herb. According to a herb is such a plant when valued for its medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or the like. Marijuana has a never-ending list of names such as “weed”,” pot”,” Mary Jane”, “cannabis”, and many more labels people come up with. “The main hallucinatory chemical in marijuana is THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol; this chemical is responsible for majority of the intoxicating effects. The plant contains more than 500 other chemicals, including over 100 compounds that are chemically related to THC.” (NIDA. Par. 2). Marijuana can be smoked in almost any way involving a lighter. The topic of legalizing cannabis has been a controversy that just will not go away. I am not quite sure it ever will the only way it would go away is if everyone got what he or she wanted, but that is not possible here. Some people want marijuana legalized and some do not. If it is legalized, people who do not like it will complain, and if it is not legalized people that did want it will complain as well. Recreational marijuana has been legalized in four states already, California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. That is not including “medical” marijuana which is legal in about thirteen more states. People want marijuana to be legalized for two reasons, medical and personal. Marijuana is said to have a few chemicals in it to help with medical reasons leading people who smoke it to say it should be legal for those purposes. I do not believe marijuana helps more than it hurts you. Cancer patients want to smoke marijuana to help with the nausea from chemo, but why can they not take some nausea medicine instead? While the cancer patients want to smoke “medical” marijuana for nausea, they fail to realize it could give you more cancer. Marijuana can help with sleeping or eating disorders. Legalizing this could make organized crime go down. Legalizing marijuana for recreation use can lead to an amazing increase in tax revenue. It is the safest drug in fact.

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