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Why Nurses Are Leaving

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Aminata Mansaray
Grand Canyon University November 23, 2012

Nursing shortage has created a serious challenge in the health care delivery system, as there are not enough nurses to meet the patient’s demand. This shortage is a major concern in the health care system as it has a great impact on the quality of care to be provided. It was stated that by the nursing workforce in the United States, that registered nurse (RN) shortage may exceed five hundred thousand by the year 2025 (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2010; Cipriano, 2006; United States Department of Health and Human Services,2002). Several factors have contributed to Registered Nurses (RNs) leaving clinical nursing practice. These includes job dissatisfaction, increase in age of working nurses, verbal and physical abuse from managers, physicians and co-workers, lack of support from members of staff, fatigue and exhaustion due to work overload, and retention and recruitment. This situation can be improved by ensuring adequate nurse to patient ratios by reducing work load, promoting respects of nurses, giving rewards and recognizing nurses for a job well done, empowering nurses and nursing management, and increasing recreational activities for nurses to reduce fatigue and burnout. Purpose and Research Questions The study was conducted to identify the factors why RNs are leaving clinical nursing practice, what their expectation from the Nursing Management, job satisfaction and factors influencing retention of nurses. The research question for this study was “What is the experience of RNs who leave clinical nursing? The study was explained to participants, and participants were asked to answer the following questions;
1. What...

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