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Why I chose WGU for my degree? WGU employs a competency-based model where a student may earn college credits based on their knowledge, work experience and skills. In order to speed up your preparation for each course, you would typically take a pre-assessment test of a specified domain of competency, based on the result of which your mentor would work with you to create a study strategy to prepare you for your final test. This way you would save precious time by not having to study through the entire course but just focus on areas of weakness. For subjects like Project Management and Quantitative analysis, which I felt I was well versed with, given my current job experience and math skills, I decided to directly take the pre-assessments for each course. After doing really well at these 2 pre-assessments, I did a quick review of the material and completed and passed these 2 exams totaling 9 credits in under a month. Based on your competency levels, you could achieve higher number of credits in a given 6-month term. You can also have qualifying credits for professional certifications transferred at WGU thus reducing courses to complete, and hence the time to graduate.

WGU’s tuition payment cycle is based on a “6-month term” where you pay flat fee per term. Within a term, you are allowed to take any number of courses that you can realistically accomplish in that time frame. This means depending your abilities and time for study, you can complete additional courses and attain your required competency units faster. In comparison, I took three 3-credit courses at a traditional college while working full time and paid over $5000 for those three courses. On the contrary, WGU charges a couple of thousand dollars for a 6 month term, within which you complete much more than just three courses. Accelerating through your courses would provide you two-fold benefits – savings of...

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