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Why People Exercise

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Why People Exercise
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First of all, proper exercise can produce many positive results for an individual. Because any person can choose the method of exercise that best suits their needs or desires. The outcome is usually a positive and rewarding one. Exercise can be in the form of calisthenics, aerobics, jogging, walking, even weight lifting. As a result of choosing any exercise the heart begins to work, assisting with more blood flow, oxygen intake creating better circulation throughout the body. Heart disease is the number one killer in America today. Some people tend to become winded or feel tired when doing common work around the house, or other activities that may make them sweat, tend to think they should not do this anymore or should have someone else do it. As a result of this idea many people become less able and more likely to attract various other illnesses all stemming from the lack of physical activity. Proper daily exercise will help lower some risks of heart disease. Since walking, jogging, and bicycling all are good forms of aerobic exercise that starts working your heart. So, while these types of exercises are working your heart, blood circulation is increased and more oxygen is then carried through the body. Better circulation due to exercise will also help to lower a person’s blood pressure.
Body weight and obesity are major concerns that can be controlled with aerobic exercise, resistance training or weight lifting. People not familiar with exercise should begin with low frequency, duration and intensity of their exercise routines. By gradually increasing the frequency, duration and intensity, these steady doses of aerobic exercise will aid in, burning calories, fat loss, and an increase in daily energy levels. In addition to aerobic activity, resistance or weight training can also provide some benefits to overall health. Not only does weight training make you stronger, but it also raises your muscle-to-fat ratio, which increases the amount of calories you burn at rest. As a result of these exercise routines people with weight problems tend to develop better self esteem, a higher level of confidence.
Muscle mass and boosting energy has become an increasingly concern with younger people. Exercise is beneficial with muscle toning for a slimmer more fit appearance or help someone that just wants a larger more muscular type appearance. Exercise is the only way to achieve either body type. Since aerobic exercise or calisthenics, focus primarily on cardio vascular and stamina, these exercise routines are also used for muscle toning. Resistance training assists with building your muscles. In fact, the tension of your muscles helps your bones get an added strengthening benefit. Therefore once resistance training is incorporated with weight lifting a person will gain more muscle. Boosting energy will also become possible during exercise routines. With your body becoming more energy efficient, and the ability to get more oxygen in your cells, you will have fewer pains and greater strength. You can perform daily routines with less fatigue, become more responsive and alert as a result. You may not think working out is something you would like to do, but, once working out becomes part of your daily route you will become more mentally and physically capable of sticking to it. Therefore once a person becomes conditioned to a set routine, their body and mind responds positively. You will have enough energy to complete set routines and an added ability to do more when desired. Once desired routines are established as part of someone’s daily schedule, they may feel disappointed if a scheduled day for exercise is missed.
Reducing the risk of arthritis can also be accomplished through exercise by taking walks, swimming and performing other types of exercises. Through walking, swimming and aerobic exercises you will increase the range of movement in your joints. To achieve this effectively with older people, exercising must be advised by a physician or training expert. Exercise activity should also be conducted from a mild to moderate regime to include stretching, low intensity to moderate exercises such as Tai Chi, yoga and the likes. Since the industrial age various modes of transportation have been developed, processed and fast food industries were created.
People would rather drive one block, or waste more time and gas circling a parking lot for that closer parking spot. Fast food take out has also become a daily convenience to more simplify our lives. With the advancement of technology added to this equation, our day to day lives and activities have become increasingly easier. So people have become less likely to be physically active, more complacent with tech gadgets and the simplicity of daily living. As a result, obesity, heart disease and many other health issues become a threat to our overall health and well being. Physical exercise and activity can help reduce the risks of some illnesses, such as certain types of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Exercise will provide a better physical appearance, strengthen self esteem, and provide building blocks for added energy and overall well being.

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