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Why Pork Is Allowed In Food

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For thousands of years, pork has been forbidden by many religions. As a Muslim, I have been always considering why pork was forbidden. Finally, I have found out that pork was not only forbidden in Islam, it was also forbidden in many religions and cultures. Many scientific research about pork meat shows how dangerous pork is for humans. People love to eat pork in many countries all around the world of course; however, pork increases the cancer risk because of its nutrients. The most important reason is pork’s digestive system, which causes all the sicknesses and cancer risks in humans’ body. Everybody should avoid pork, because pork cannot digest toxins that make people sick, pork has a big amount of fat that makes people obese, the employees …show more content…
According to Emily Main, in late 2012, Consumer Reports magazine has tested about 240 whole and ground pork products. 83% of those pork products were positive for many bacteria, which can make humans very sick such as fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The US pork is also banned in some countries because of a drug called ractopamine, which makes their growth speed faster. Pork is very perishable, so it can make people depressed as well, because of the nutrition that is not fresh (Main 2013). Science does not lie by the observed evidence. Therefore, people must consider listening more carefully about what science says about eating pork. If the percentage of bad pork is eighty-three, then people should immediately stop eating pork products. Statistical variables on pork must be enough for anyone who tends to eat pork again. Otherwise, peoples’ lives are going to be unhealthy and so cancer …show more content…
Since it is very easy to reach the information, people must analyze and decide what they want to do, listen to, read, or eat. According to Dr. Josh Axe, “what you choose to eat is up to you. Myself, I choose to stay away from unclean pork (and shellfish). The reasons discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eating pigs and your health. If you think you can just opt for a “higher quality” pork product, think again. Don’t be fooled by a “no hormones added” claim when it comes to pork because even though it might be true, hormones are not allowed in the U.S. for any pork production. It’s the pig itself, the factory-farm conditions and the common use of drugs that are some of the main problems that “hormone free” will not get rid of or negate. Do your own research, carefully consider what the Bible so many years ago warned us about, and then make your own educated decision about what you choose to feed yourself and your loved ones” (Axe

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