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Why Professionals Choose to Enter the Helping Field.

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Why Professionals Choose to Enter the Helping Field.
Professionals that choose to enter the helping field are normally mature, sympathetic and, established individuals who help others through interesting conditions. They receive a sense of approval when they help people in need. The tasks in the helping professions are massive, but in numerous cases, the incentives are important. These professionals provide both direct and indirect services to people in need.
There are various reasons people choose to enter the helping field. People who enter the helping field have compassion and desire to help people. They want to help people become more self-sufficient. These professionals are aware of the social issues and want to do something about it (Lincoln University). Some people may go into helping field because they have been helped by someone in his or her past. “Individuals who choose helping as their life’s work, the kind of work they will do is more important than the pay they will receive” (Woodside, 2011).
Some professionals choose to enter the helping field in the hopes of giving back. These individuals have lived on the other side of the fence. They have lived the life and now they want to help those that are now in the same shoes that they once were .These experiences can become an asset and a great tool for them to use when they enter the helping field.
Some Professionals enter the helping field for other factors such as self-exportation and excerpt control over the clients they served. These last two factors should be avoided at all cost because those factors could become a problem to the clients as well as the professionals. We see that the individuals who decide to enter the helping field as a career, the work is more important than the income because helping those in need is more rewarding. The helping professionals are a wide-range group that typically...

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