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Why Shouldn T We Celebrate Columbus Day?

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Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain in 1492 and claimed all islands around San Salvador looking for gold. Spain eventually sent Columbus back to create an Empire. America should not celebrate Columbus day because of Columbus cruel punishments towards others, the way he influenced today's world, and the way he did not prove the new world. Christopher Columbus caused cruel punishment by cutting people hands off, making dogs attack the Native Americans, and him and his men would hunt people for sport. Columbus influence today's world through slavery, integration, and genocide. Finally, Columbus did not prove the new world because people already lived in the new world, he never set foot in North America, and he didn’t prove the earth was round.
We shouldn’t celebrate Columbus day because of his cruel punishment towards …show more content…
For instance, he left behind slavery. Christopher Columbus used forced labor to make people to do his tasks (source 4). This led him to start to human traffic. Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day has cited that “ source for slaves..reversing the direction of human traffic across the Atlantic..(source 4)”.” As a result, Columbus legacy left human trafficking as a number one problem in today’s world. Another influence Columbus left us with is integration. Columbus had power over the Native Americans. He used his the color of his skin as dominance over them. Columbus has spread his ways throughout that, America once became so separated. There was a time in our nation when white dominance had power of African Americans. Finally, the last way he influenced today’s world is genocide. Columbus has killed so many people. From his cruel ways of cutting people hands off to killing them for his enjoyment, many of them died. Since, people have genocide against colored people or people with different religions. These are all reasons why we shouldn’t celebrate Columbus

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