Why Special Operations Succeed

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"Why do Special Operations Succeed?"

According to the case studies presented in author William S.McRaven's book: Spec Ops Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare: Theory and Pracuce, specialoperations forces (SOF) succeed because they allshare common elements that when implemented properly result in the success of the SOF mission and consequently when neglected oras the result of inadequate preparat onthe resultis the failure of meet the objectives mission,loss of life, destruct on of resources and overall mission degradat on. According to the author's case studies of eight historical missions,those missions that adhered to the six principles (simplicity.security,repetit on, surprise,speed.purpose) of special operations succeeded.Those that did not,while somewhat successful, fellvictim to consequences resultingin loss oflife,material and primary mission objectives. The proper planning,preparation and execut onof certain missions (POW rescue at Cabanatuan & Israeli Raid at Entebbe) resulted inex1raordinary
results inlarge part to the adherence to the principles outlined in the Special

Operations Model (McRaven fig. 1-2.). Excellent planning,through preparation and flawless execution of the missionare the common elements of successful special operations actions as wellas achievement of surpr se,security, the inclusion of simplicity and purpose.speed towards the goal of relative superiority.

It is this theory of relative superiority that McRaven defines as the crucial goal for specialoperations. Simply put,it is a condition that exists when an attacking force,generally smaller.gains a decisive advantage over alarger or well­ defended enemy. It is a condition that cannot exist without adherence to the six…...

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