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Why Speech Skill Is Important

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Today I am going to talk about the importance of studying and practicing public speaking skills. As long as one could master the skills of public speaking and give convincing speech, he might be able to shape the values, beliefs, and behaviors of people around him. Sounds amazing, right? In fact, studying and practicing public speaking will benefit the interpreter personally, professionally, and publicly.

In the personal part, public speaking makes sense in three ways. First, mastering public speaking helps us students acquire skills necessary to our success in college. According to a Carnegie Foundation report, To succeed in college, undergraduates should be able to write and speak with clarity, and to read and listen with comprehension. Language and thougt are inextriably connected, and as undergraduates develop their linguistic skills, they hone the quality of their thinking and become intellectually and socially empowered. Moreover, all the skills we leanred from practicing public speaking are transferable skills. They can help us throughout our academic studies and even our professional life in the future. Imaging that one day a student would deliver an inaugural address after being sworn in as president; Another one would present breakthrough medical research findings to a national conference of doctors and medical technicians; And another one would usher passage of important legislation. All of them need the skills of public speaking to access achievements. The second personal benefit of public speaking is that it helps the speaker become more knowledgeable. According to one study, we remember: 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and 70% of what we speak. Speaking is an active process. We discover ideas, shape them into a message, and deliver that message using our voice and body. In the process of preparing for speech, we actually...

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