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There are many reasons to study history a few are, so that we do not commit the same mistakes as our ancestors, another is that u may need it for your profession, also that we may be knowledgeable if history ever pops up in a conversation and another reason to study history is that u are required to take it.

We need history so that we will not commit the same mistakes as our ancestors. A sad thing is that even though we learn the past and know what to do and not to do we still do it anyway that’s why history seems to repeat itself so many times.

History also helps when u start to work if you’re a lawyer and u get a case and you have no idea of how to help your client you can go back into history and see how another lawyer deled with a similar case in the past. Another profession history could help with is architecture u can see what types off buildings have worked best in deferent situations in the past and u can see were designs have worked in the past. Another job u could use history in is medicine u can go back in history and see how diseases have been miss diagnosed in the past and how to avoid making the same mistake.

History is a great topic of conversation u could talk and talk about history for hours granted u know enough about it and that’s were your history class comes in handy. Lets say your hanging with your friends and there is an awkward silence you could start a debate a bout history it probably will never happen but hey you never know. Or you could wow people with your useless knowledge of how Europeans learned they could blow stuff up with gunpowder the Chinese invented.

The most important reason to study history is that we are required to take it by the government or whoever makes up the rules on what you have to study. Without history you wouldn’t be able to graduate to the next grade or be able to go to college and all that other fun stuff.

History should be studied because it can be used in every day life and so that we do not repeat our mistakes...

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