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In actually,my chilhood was different from most people.About my third grade,i left my hometown and sudied in Shanghai.It was a strange place.Because of my parents’ work,i have to live with my parents’s friends instead of my parents.From them on,i started to learn how to solve some daily problems by myself,like tying my shoes.I also have to learn Besides,i sutdied in the boarding school which makes me live in the school from Monday to Thursday. So semi-independent life made me have a introverted personality.Except these,in general,i like the life.In school,i had built better friendship with my classmates.We have had meals and studied together.And I always played basketball with my classmates,especially after school.I still remeber that we were usually scolded by our teacher because of playing basketball to be late during lunch break.In addition,the situation let me know more customs of other cities in China from my classmates.To a large extent,it improved my introverted personality.Till now,i still often contact with my classmates in my childhood.Therefore,i become being willing to try to communicate with the strange and particiapte in some social acitivities.Although i still would not like to have too much communication with the strange now,i am extrovert and approachable when facing my friends. So i think it may be the influence of my situation. The first time that i would like to learn more about America is when i start to watch NBA which also makes me love basketball.It is known that America is a land of opportunity and tolerance.U.S is also a country which is filled with cultural diversity.As I grew older,expriencing the life in Shanghai,i had felt the influence of cultural diversity as well as realized the significance of diversity.Gradually,i have the desire to go to the country like United States.My personality will be changed under this situation.

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